The ACTUAL History of Bloons

Published 2023-01-09
Still not as crazy as the eets is Btd6. This took so long to make, finally its here

00:00 Pre-BTD3
15:44 Post-BTD3
27:15 BTD4 Era
48:50 Bloons TD 5
01:09:06 Bloons TD Battles
01:38:02 Monkey City & BSM2
01:42:43 Bloons TD 6 (at launch)
01:56:14 BATTD & Bloons Pop!
01:59:47 Battles 2
02:16:06 Bloons TD 6 and the future

Maxwell art :
Videos mentioned/Clips taken from :    • Bloons Footage playlist  

Secret video : Stop moving the secret video around. No one's going to find it if you keep hiding it in a dumb playlist -F

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  • @Foekoe
    Bro made a 3 hour lecture about goofy cartoon monkey's, it doesn't get better than this.
  • @bye1551
    I think my favourite part about BTD and ninja kiwi is how connected to their community they are. They're basically founded off community contributions and they've remembered that by very clearly listening to their contributions
  • @FrostDachi
    I dont know why, but I CONSTANTLY find myself rewatching this over and over. Whether invested or just kinda in the background. Maybe the video is just THAT good to me
  • @Berrk.
    The best part about btd 6 is you dont have to play the previous 43 games to understand it
  • @Aliensrock
    Absolutely loved the history of BTD Battles, brought back some great memories. Thanks for doing this!
  • @GoldWillow64
    1:06:42 I don’t know why but “super funky man club” had me dead 💀 💀💀
  • @hajiotto6574
    I have literally seen this video hundreds of times (all the way through), it never gets old. I have seen it at least once every day for the past 9 months
  • @puggietaur
    The snowman wasn't melting he was using his own body as snowballs to throw at you until there was none of him left. Truly genius writing and a metaphor for the cost of success 🙏
  • @sadrat5375
    I love how Ninja Kiwi is heavily involved with their community, to the point they knew that one half of their game was a hellscape full of escaped mental asylum patients and the other half was a bunch of 5 year olds, that they made two more games based off of the respective sides.
  • @PlushShowNerds
    Man, I always wanted a 2 hour 46 minute and 32 second long video about a funny balloon popping monkey game explaining all the story and history of a small video game, thanks for making it!
  • @Sporketto
    2:43:00 "although it's not the map editor from btd4" just you wait a few months..
  • I am 88% convinced orange has gone insane making this video
  • @W7RSON
    I love how Aliensrock and ISAB both cemented themselves so much in Bloons culture to the point they appear in literal essays about the Bloons Franchise trajectory
  • @jeremyxiao8197
    12:16 The tip is correct because it says:"if a bloon escape you lose as many lives as the bloon had Bloons inside of it plus 1." That's true because for example: a yellow bloon has 3 bloons inside: a green, a blue, and a red so 3+1=4 lives lost 👁️👄
  • @SJB2
    I haven't watched it all yet, but this brings back some crazy memories. Specifically early BTD4 and BTD5 release :D! Great video!
  • I have been needing a video like this in my life, excited to watch it later!