Mom Who Lost Her Son In Drowning Accident Joins Morgan Miller To Tell Her Story | Megyn Kelly TODAY

Published 2018-07-31
Nicole Hughes lost her 3-year-old son on the same day as Morgan Miller lost her 19-month old daughter. Now, the two moms have teamed up to help raise awareness of drowning risks. They hope to get the American Academy of Pediatrics to launch a campaign to increase parent awareness about how and when drowning occurs.
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Mom Who Lost Her Son In Drowning Accident Joins Morgan Miller To Tell Her Story | Megyn Kelly TODAY

All Comments (20)
  • @cindyweir9645
    To both of these moms and their families my deepest condolences.
  • For people that does not have kids. The kids can get away from you very fast with out you even knowing they ran. I am so sorry you moms lost your babies. My heart goes out to you.
  • This is so incredibly heartbreaking.. prayers for both families. Keep pushing forward, because what you all are doing is absolutely amazing! 👏👏
  • @womaninthewave
    I’m a lifeguard manager and this is why I take what I do so extremely seriously. I have saved dozens of children that started to drown because of parental negligence. By far the most common cause of drowning. These mothers are good parents and the pain they must endure daily is awful. Just remember all it takes is a few seconds of looking away and many things can go drastically wrong
  • This is heartbreaking! People are very aware about water safety. We hear about drownings all the time. I believe parents think that they watch their children “enough” around water so it couldn’t possibly happen to them. But it only takes a second or two.
  • @TheBRATTYrosi
    I almost lost mine and I was looking right at him, went down a baby water slide face first, inches of water, seems like it only takes a second.....mine is 17 now...I lift him up everyday, for all those who weren’t as lucky, I hope he can make this world a better place with his second chance. My baby boy. ❤️❤️
  • @xxotiffanyy
    This is just a horrible feeling for a mom or anyone.

    Blessing to the both of them🙏🏼
  • my father was a police officer, and he told me a story about a 2 year old boy that drowned in a puddle...a puddle!!! that's all it takes. You don't have to have a pool in your back yard for it to happen
  • @ktkazoo17
    My little cousin went into the pool without a life vest on. All of the parents were distracted, but thankfully my brother and I witnessed what was happening and pulled him from the water. Thankfully, my little cousin was just fine, but I constantly wonder what could have happened if my brother and I weren’t there.
  • @bookbag6432
    I was at a pool party at age 6 and I almost drowned. There were people around but no one noticed except 1 kid jumped in and saved me. Drowning is so scary and I feel so bad for these kids. I wish my parents taught me how to swim young or just what to do in case of an accident. I will defiantly teach my kids when I have them and if I'm near a pool, I'll make sure to watch other people's kids to make sure this does not happen.
  • I feel like a zombie and exhausted but rather exhausted than taking my eyes off my little one. Its stories like these that makes every mother's heart break. My son is two years old and I have never been near pool or beach with him. We really cannot take our eyes of our kids for one second. Things happen so quickly. So sorry for these mother's losses. 💗
  • @wendyfiolek5914
    I cant imagine the loss of these two women and I don’t want to judge. Kids are so quick and it only takes a second. When your children are that young you have to know where they are every single second. There were supposedly 12 adults in the house so how did this little boy get away from everyone. It doesn’t make sense. You have to watch your children closely especially when you have a pool or if you go somewhere where there is a pool. At 19 months, Emmy shouldn’t have been left for a second.
  • @jamiesdawn
    We almost lost our son on June 3rd 2019, just a month and a half ago! In a hotel pool 2ft away right by me as I dried off his puddle jumper my son was drowning! My husband was less then 10ft away putting away pool toys in a beach bag and he happen to look up and saw our son under the water, jumped in and pulled him out!
  • @debrapenney4281
    My heart truly aches for these two families. My wish for both families is the ability to forgive themselves and attempt to heal from this deep loss & sorrow.
  • @lizguz2771
    Amazing women❤️. What an astounding act of love to be advocating during their loss. Thank you.
  • I have watched several different versions of these stories and I have now made the decision to pay for my children to get swim lessons this summer so I can further avoid these accidents. I have 5 children and my oldest is 7. Its a risk I'm not willing to take.
  • @ainsleem6313
    My mom is a friend from high school with Nicole. and I remember days after her died my come and told my sister and I what happened and it was so hard hearing because I knew this little boy. and then he was just gone. It is true heartbreak.
  • Young children tend to drown very quickly and quietly. They slip into the water and just go under. It's a misconception that there's a lot of splashing and calling for help. Also, young children who are used to wearing safety vests when supervised don't understand that it's different when they're not wearing one. They expect to just get into the water and float. I recommend parents get their babies into swimming lessons so that if they ever do fall into a pool they know how to turn themselves over and float on their backs. This skill has saved many lives.
  • @Whitt2022
    Unimaginable nightmare. RIP little ones.