Most Iconic World Cup Moments in HISTORY

Published 2022-03-19
Qatar 2022 is at the and of this year. So I decided to create a compilation about the most iconic moments in the history of the World Cup. These moments are the most memorable from all of the World Cups there've been held over the years. We all remember the headbutt from Zidane in 2006. Which is one of the most iconic moments in football's history. This video is about such moments. Hopefully you enjoyed this video.

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All Comments (21)
  • For me, Van Persie's goal will remain amazing for a very long time to come. The assist, the timing, Ilker Casillas nailed to the ground, the flying header, simply brilliant
  • @mikejoker1468
    "It's Krul for the Dutch, it's cruel for Costa Rica".
    Very underrated commentary.
  • @jimmyl7446
    As a Dutchman, the Dennis Bergkamp commentary gives me instant goosebumps whenever I hear it
  • Maradona scored the most famous and infamous goal of the century in same game
  • @machado5765
    Baggio miss is the most iconic moment ever. His desolation after the kick must be unparalleled.
  • 2014 had the most iconic moments in World Cup history. the whole event was like watchin a movie!!
  • @ikirizki9185
    Most of these moments in the video are in modern football times(after 1990). But there are still many memorable moments in the World Cup. Such as England controversial goals against W. Germany in World Cup 1966 final, the Cryuff turn(against Sweden in WC 74), amazing goal by Arie Haan(WC 78 against Italy), amazing team work goal by Brazil in WC 70(scored by Carlos Alberto), and still many I guess.
  • Who else thinks Miroslav Klose is a legend who isn't talked about enough?
  • @allainangcao28
    2014 is probably the best World Cup, Robben’s dive, Van Persie’s Flying Dutchman, James’ left foot volley, the Brazilian Massacre, Gotze’s game winner, Klose cementing himself as the greatest World Cup goal scorer. It had everything.

    Side Note: It still baffles me that Nigel de Jong caving in Xabi Alonso’s chest only got a yellow…
  • @DrQuatsch
    Two moments that are definitely missing are the ghost goal from England in the '66 final and the absolutely insane kamikaze attack from German goalkeeper Schumacher on Battiston in the '82 semi final between France and Germany.
  • @markyeater158
    Grosso’s and Del Piero’s goals for Italy against Germany at the end of extra time in the 2006 semifinals should certainly be included here. Both goals were pure class.
  • @musakaya5039
    In the World Cup 1994, Gheorghe Hagi's extraordinary goal against Colombia and his celebration after that goal is absolutely one of the most iconic moments.
  • A obra prima que foi a cabeçada do Van Persie na copa do mundo, eu tive o privilégio de assistir ao vivo.
  • @erwinsmit440
    Would have liked to see the van Bronckhorst rocket against Uruguay in 2010 here. Not because i am Dutch but it simply was an unexpected long distance hell of a goal.💥💥💥
  • That GK swith with krul and Cillessen is legendary, its just a mastermind move from Van Gaal
  • This video proves that no matter what world cup there is, the world cup will always be a blast.
  • @mihalis1010
    I remember watching Zidane's headbutt live when I was a kid. I loved him, and always thought that was a shitty way for his career with the French national team to end.
  • How isn't Tim Cahill's volley against the Netherlands from 2014 in this? The definition of perfect volley and a gorgeous goal. Still to this day everyone only talks about James Rodriguez though
  • @JackDespero
    To this day, I cannot believe that De Jong got away with a yellow card.