My First Kiss...

Published 2019-09-07
I was 12 when this happened... dang... welp at least It made a good video :)

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Music: A song called "Mystery Bois" me and my brother made

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Thanks for all the support guys! This Is a dream come true that you make possible!

Wow, you read all of this? You are dedicated my friend, I bless you with good breath for your next kiss :)

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  • Can we just say that Travis is such a good friend for getting his siblings away so that Bryson and Sariah would be alone
  • @RollyThePillbug
    How to get girls(According to Bryson)

    Step 1: ALWAYS target them in P.E.

    Step 2: Make them apart of your friend group.

    Step 3: Get their number and text them about your feelings.

    Step 4: Have your friends conveniently run away so its just you and her.

    Step 5: Kiss her.

    Congratulations, you kissed a girl for the first time.
  • @Thatotherone196
    I love how before Bryson says that Sariah was taller than him, he was always drawn taller
  • @kianmehrsh9503
    I get you Bryson. Being short does suck. We short guys feel like being tall gives you reputation in our community.
  • @aicha_1
    The strength he has to tell people this is top notch
  • @Mrkai1210
    As a little kid, I remember finding this hilarious. Now I can see with full confidence I feel your pain, Bryson. I was scared to hold a girls had like a week aga. I eventually want to kiss her so wish me luck 👍🏻

    Edit : I finally did it! Thanks for all the support guys 😄
  • @noeruchangd
    Bryson: misses
    Sariah: kisses him back
    Task failed successfully.
  • I like how he sounds like a 12 year old in this video, despite already being out of high school at the time of making this, because he's a late bloomer and because his voice has actually started to get deeper, 9 years after it's supposed to.
  • @rocketwastaken
    I have literally no idea when its good to have a relationship so for now I will be sitting here in the small little place I call home and continue watching Bryson's videos for fun
  • Don’t worry, Bryson.
    I swear on my grave that I’ll find Sariah and reunite the two of you together forever! ❤️
  • I can just imagine you walking into a bar when you are 21, and asking for a drink, and the bartender giving you a lemonade🤣
  • @papertable
    This was so hilarious, Bryce is very talented at animating like his skills r too good to be true..
  • @immortalzorn
    I love how the poster changes each time we cut back to Bryson's room. The bottom face kisses the top face's cheek!!!
  • @CyberDaAnimator
    I have a girlfriend and I saw this a while ago. I will take the advice that you gave to everyone watching. Bryson if you read this, hello.
  • @dagomyre4417
    Bryson sure knows how to make cringe things even more cringy.
  • @GeoMonster75
    Bryson saying “You are an easy target” was brave like he could be roasted like real bad
  • @StillExeTerror
    “Let’s all conveniently run away so Bryson and Sariah are alone” -Travis 2019
  • @LoadingError0
    i love looking at the comments and seeing bryson's friends all react to this story