My First Kiss...

Published 2019-09-07
I was 12 when this happened... dang... welp at least It made a good video :)

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Tablet- Huion Kamvas GT-221

Programs- Adobe animate CC, Adobe Premiere Pro

Mic- Audio Technica AT 2020

Fanart will be accepted through twitter only. Tweet out your art and tag me (@Haminations) for a chance to be featured In the end card.

Music: A song called "Mystery Bois" me and my brother made

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Thanks for all the support guys! This Is a dream come true that you make possible!

Wow, you read all of this? You are dedicated my friend, I bless you with good breath for your next kiss :)

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  • @noeruchangd
    Bryson: misses Sariah: kisses him back Task failed successfully.
  • @tubanbass05
    Bryson: misses the kiss Brain:YOU HAD ONE JOB!
  • I can just imagine you walking into a bar when you are 21, and asking for a drink, and the bartender giving you a lemonade🤣
  • @Darkfur-rl4cb
    For some reason this just made my day better ❤😁
  • @lucaspuppolo837
    Bryson:she's like a second mom to me Me: remembers brick video
    Haminations: “My first kiss” Me: wait that’s illegal
  • @dD4vi1nt3x
    "Youtube, don't turn me into a marketable plushie" 💀
  • @caravue7033
    This video made me laugh and I really enjoyed it. This might sound cringey, but you're cool Ham. Thanks for making videos!! By the way, I haven't had my first kiss yet and I’m a HS Senior.
  • @m1sterch3f7
    Ham: gets into college Ham: video about first kiss Me: 🤔
  • @pillowcase124
    Man got rizz man got rizz also I love the poster in the background
  • @mayva6842
    “Anyways, wanna hear about my love life now?” awkward pause “Wanna hear about it again?”
  • @theoverrayted
    “But I felt like the world’s biggest idiot.” Me: Sir. YOU STOLE MY PURPOSE.
  • @thealewis7076
    It’s illegal to honk for no reason. 4 year old me in my mom’s driveway playing with the window wipers and accidentally honking:
  • @King_Arithmetic
    Love the fact that the thumbnail shows him kissing Britney