Published 2023-09-16

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  • @IkerUnzu
    I absolutely LOVED the beginning
  • @crypticrows
    "Do you think I'll be in the Iron lung movie?" Took me off guard 💀
  • I’d just cry if one of the first things Markiplier sees in my game is a misplaced floating lantern and laughs at it
  • @tyro4634
    I think the punch line for "What kind of tape do kidnappers use?" was meant to be "Abduct tape"
  • @Not_Pure_Vessel
    Holy crap the part in the first game when the guy is creaming for help is terrifying. It actually gave me chills.
  • @MariaTex3
    Mark's endless shooting paired with that "YEE-HAW!" absolutely took me out 😂
  • @Lincolntowncoupe
    Robot: Does something completely not normal

    Mark: "looks normal"
  • The second game terrified me... the fact that this person went to bed with all the lights on in the house is frightening
  • @Mandaraminu
    That first game will never cease to terrify me, the voice acting is so good, I can feel that mans pain and fear. It legit hurts, I have to turn down the volume. Still great though.
  • 11:15
    That is the best voice acting I have ever heard in my entire life. It is so bone chilling and creepy…
  • @StinkyWorm
    I love how the first game only has text and the robot thing, it lets you fully imagine all the things happening thorough the game
  • @Oneofone77
    Hey guys! I’m Seven, the voice actor who did all the voices for the first game, The Prototype. It’s so awesome to see Mark play it! I hope you all enjoyed it, and a big thanks to Mark!
  • @Lesopal
    I was terrified by the first game until the last like 3 little bits, if they ended it right after he got stuffed inside it would probably have had a more lasting effect, but it turned humorous right after so now I'm gonna be laughing at it for weeks
  • @Writingwithgames
    Mark: “Sounds like nightmare garbage to me…”
    Narrator:”Please do not say nightmare or garbage or any combination of those words…”
    Mark: Looks at us and just grins.

  • @cephalonwolf8422
    Markiplier feels like he's supposed to exist in the year 3029.
  • @elusivegamergirl
    13:28, I love the look of pride on Mark's face as he watches his own video. It just immediately made me smile.
  • Even though the first game was a little bit cheesy, I thought it had really cool potential! It definitely was suspenseful waiting to see what would happen and the audio was great. I hope the creators continue making stuff.
  • @nataliacabb
    Markiplier has THE PERFECT voice for narration or to voice an animated character
  • @grey1978
    What a wonderful surprise appearance from the WAIA (warfstache automated interview Automaton), I hope we get to see more of him in the future :D