Trying FOOD Gadget Hacks to see if they work

Published 2020-02-20

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  • Little Lia
    kitchen hacks :D uploading on sssniperwolf later in 2-3 hours :D
  • Evan Seekins
    Her lightsaber chopstick technique is both infuriating and adorable
  • x`Roses`x
    I love how confident she was about the potato and olive oil one until she tried it-
  • Eloise T
    “You see I have froze the entire United States in to ice cubes!” -lia

    Sounds like something Dr. Doofenshmirtz would say
  • I love it how lia treats her puppy's like there her biological real kids
  • Millie Tongco
    Omg I just love when lia tries to make stuff 😻
  • yeokchi
    I love this girl! She makes me smile every day! Lia you're the best we all love you don't forget!
  • I love how she always mentioned how she got burned with a iron I can feel her childhood 😂😂❤️❤️
  • Jenny M
    I really Appreciate lia for really buying all the gadgets and literally trying them.
  • -seasons-
    I want another one of these vids there so entertaining ♥️
  • Pizza Dave 80
    I love how she does hacks that could be useful! some do not work, but lots do!
  • Star Gaming
    Can we appreciate how shes calling the watermelon boneless?
  • Kelly Bullen
    Fun fact: most of us are watching this video a year after it was posted
  • Tika Nasta
    My dad got the onion thing for my mom. She finds it very useful, cause not only is it faster and easier, it makes even pieces of vegetables(peppers, onions, tomatoes, carrots, celery, etc.)
  • 🥝Yuki🥝
    ash’s face when lia took the corn hat out of her mouth cracked me up 😂 like she just moved her head like noOoOo dOnT tAkE My CoRn
  • cori sparre
    I just love SO much how mad she is at the end of the video with the onion its just HALLARIOUS!!!!
  • "The good old fashioned way! With ductape!"
    "Ok potatoes bath timeeee!"
    "This should probably be done outside." stays inside
    "Lemme just light up my chop sticks"
    "Look mom courn!"
    "Babra got the melon slicer five thousand!"
    "Bonless melon cylinder."
    "Alabama I can't wait to eat you"
    -Lia in this video
  • Mocha Craft
    I love how she has that corn on her head the whole video❤❤❤
  • em
    Lia: we should probably do this outside
    Also lia: continues doing it inside