THE SVD, DRAGUNOV. Russia's sniper rifle plus Combat accuracy test.

Published 2021-11-07

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  • Otto Von Bearsmark
    Guys with this rifle in an action movie have a +80% chance of getting counter-sniped through the scope from a mile away.
  • Within the span of the first minute he shoots a paper cutout of a child. 10/10 subscribed and won a fan.
  • SIDisTHE
    The SVD is still the sexiest rifle ever made hands down. Everyone looks like a badass with one in their hands. Very capable even out to 700m with the proper optic and round.
  • Big Boss
    The true Russian SVD rifle has a very special type of rifling twist designed specifically to shoot tracers and AP rounds as well as special sniper grade rounds that are pretty much impossible to get. A real svd using proper Russian military sniper grade ammo is really very accurate. Shooting anything other than the special ammo will make for bad grouping period.
  • Blaine Osterloh
    A while ago my grandfather showed me his gun safe, dead center was an original draganov mint without a round through it. This weapon in a game is awesome but in real life it’s even cooler.
  • Mike K
    The instructor did really good, all the shots reached the target and what’s most impressive is that each shot followed the other very fast!! Wow
  • Vincent Chalmel
    Imagine having an enemy designated marksman just losing it and going for a baïonnette charge from 500 meters away.
  • Anatoly Scheglov
    With the original PSO-1 scope you're supposed to adjust the scope and use only the first chevron up to 1000m. Lower three chevrons are for shooting at 1100, 1200, and 1300 meters. On the hunting scope you use (note the 1.5m target height range finder), lower chevrons are just there as an homage to the original PSO-1 reticle.
  • В учебной части наша разведывательная рота располагалась с ротой снайперов,у них были свд,на итоговом занятии снайперам требовалось поразить треугольник 10*10*10 с дистанции 300м желательно всеми 10 выстрелами и плюс неформальное задание,со 100м поразить гильзу патрона 7,62*54R, желательно по центру.
  • David KC
    Man you have to appreciate the community. Mostly no toxicity and very educated. Thanks boys!
  • EternalAnus
    I went shooting for the first time in my life and this was one of the weapons my friend taught me too. It took me 1 mag to get used to and then I was hitting shots that I couldn't even believe. It is unbelievably easy to handle.
  • Павел П.
    This is our history. Thank you for your detailed, objective and honest review. Hearing this from a "probable enemy" is worth a lot. Kidding. I hope this never happens. With gratitude and respect from Russia.
  • system_net
    I am from Siberia, I have a tiger made in 2020, the trigger there is simply gorgeous! The intro was awesome!
    I hope someday Concern Kalashnikov will invite you to Russia.
  • alec
    Everyone loves the old wood grain SVD, hybrid DMR/Sniper capable up to 1000m. Ever hear of the SVD-M? Seems like Russian firearm manufacturers are trying to resurrect the SVD brand and bring it more in line with the 2020s. I will always love the rifle, it's so accurate and simple, what's not to like.
  • Darren Jones
    I didn't catch who your spotter is, but he's one of those people that's a good teacher and explains things well. When I was shooting with my state's National Guard service rifle team, I would have loved to have a coach like him. That was a long time ago and a lot of eyesight degradation ago. It's all optics for me from now on.
  • Nj _Arch101
    Nothing is as scary as a sniper calmly explaining a rifle.You can tell he knows his guns.
  • RickOAA
    I fell in love with an SVD I got to handle in service and purchased its derpy cousin, the PSL. With the proper 7N1 ammunition it was quite capable. The military issue scopes had bdc elevation knobs for that load.
  • Zachary Eltom
    Be really interesting to shoot a more modern model and see how much difference the changes that have been made over the last 60 years make.
  • groupsphera
    There is a joke that the bayonet on the SVD is needed for training snipers. After each miss they are forced to crawl to the target, hit the target with a bayonet, crawl back and continue shooting until another miss... Not a bad SVD challenge, isn't it?
  • ApoMaTu3aTop
    Few things to consider:

    1) They do in fact make special marksman ammo for this gun

    2) Modernized version have higher magnification

    3) There is integrated target height / range assesment scale even in the original PSO. Once you know how to use it the space between chevrons becomes less of a guess.

    4) Good shooting!