Published 2022-03-28
Kirby And The Forgotten Land is a new 3d platforming game for Nintendo Switch! This is Part 2.
Part 1 Here -    • ~* KIRBY CAR ~~ K...  
Game -…
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All Comments (21)
  • TINYadgdad
    for me it's been 13 minutes since this video came out, and the comment section is already full. this really shows how great yub is.
  • PigeonPrime
    I miss series like this from YuB. Reminds me of my earlier days of watching
  • epiktoasterbro
    I love the attention to detail that nintendo put into this game.
    Even the waddle-dees are different shades of orange.
  • Fluffy
    Getting all of the Waddle Dees in a level unlocks another Treasure Road stage, and the Rare Stones you get from them become increasingly valuable as you need more and more for them to be useful.
    I love the fact that over the years, YuB has gotten more and more immature. I love it.
  • For his neutral special, he wields a gun.
    Thanks for playing this game, it's the first one I ever bought at launch
  • Kirby's gotta gun
    Kirby's gotta gun
    His whole world's come undone
    Now everybody is on the run
  • francesca
    im excited to see more of this series, tbh
    reminds me of the good old Miitopia days
  • Jevil Draws
    17:22 "wait hang on if im kirby car and kirby has a gun than what button do i press to do a drive by?"-YuB 2022
  • amberartz
    this is so wholesome and makes me so incredibly happy for some reason??
    YuB was right, nintendo games just have such good vibes and I really hope this becomes a full-fledged series bc this is so entertaining to watch <3
  • Chricelan
    I am so glad you didn't wait to play kirby, loving seeing it. Keep it up.
  • Epickilla07
    one thing that makes me love watching you play it over someone else is you energy, and the edits you make
  • OP Magee
    Definitely want to see a lot more of this, this gameplay is awesome and the edited footage is fantastic!
  • kaeyas_eyepatch
    the series has been so good so far keep doing more ❤️
  • astro
    what I like about yub is that he records a new clip at the end of each video instead of just ending the video, i love looking at all of them
  • DeCaelo Smith
    15:53 fun fact: that scene actually wasn't scripted, the actor who played the dude with the sword (don't hate on me I haven't watched a single Indiana Jones movie in my life) trained for like months or weeks or something to play that role but on the day of filming the actor who played Indiana Jones was sick so he improvised and just shot him
  • Ivy W
    I’m so glad you’re making this a series, this game is so much fun.
  • This turned out to be really enjoyable when YuB makes it more fun than ever glad you still did it and i hope this keeps up for more games like this or series in the next time man