Five Nights at Freddy's Security Breach: RUIN - Part 1

Published 2023-07-25

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  • @SilverButler22
    Monty: chewing on the bars like a rabid chihuahua Mark: 👁️👄👁️
  • @IkerUnzu
    Markiplier has something against Monty he doesn't wanna tell us
  • @KayzIdeas
    The faint, echoing screaming of "NOT LIKE THIS, NOT LIKE THI- FREDDY YOU BI-!!!" in the background at the Daycare will always be funny.
  • @boba_wolfx
    mark: alright monty, just kill me monty: gets stuck, starts yelling demonic stuff, breaks
  • @arthurmerkel1615
    Markiplier: fearing absolutely nothing The daycare attendant: laughs Markilpier: "alright, imma end this episode here"
  • @Buttgerm
    I love the fact you can hear the faint echo of Mark’s experience with Freddy’s betrayal in the daycare.
  • @halodude2552
    The way Freddy's betrayal was quietly edited into the background around 49:57 was amazing and had me rolling. Lmao
  • I love how the staffbots never fail to scare mark better than any animitronic
  • @pupspotionshop
    I love the fact that Mark still remembers that Freddy abandoned him and despises him to this day 💀
  • @scrapfox3695
    Markiplier: "I actually had fond memories of this' Also Markiplier: remembering when Freddy Ditched him when chased by Monty
  • @Turtleneckgirl98
    Moon: Creepy laughter Mark: Okay! that’s gonna do it for this episode!
  • @adrianpiedras4906
    Mark: ''I have fond memories of this games'' Sometimes, the brain forces the mind to forget traumatic events to keep its sanity.
  • @ThePolarisSystem
    Mark immediately ending the episode when he hears Moon’s voice is the most relatable thing he’s ever done.
  • Dude the way when Monty jump scared Cassie she didn’t just get jump scared but tried to stop Monty and open his mouth is a really cool detail to me
  • @constanceway45
    Those voices in the ambience are honestly the scariest addition to this game in my opinion. Between that, and how dilapidated the Pizza Plex looks, it's damned near perfection.
  • @_Human_Thing_
    Mark: laughing at Monty Also mark: hears moon laugh and goes 'nope'
  • @JonathonFyck
    Mark: I’m extremely smart Also Mark: Spent 45 minutes trapped in the laundry room back in the original game
  • @crayons1584
    Markiplier making fun of Monty and then giving him the chance to kill him but he gets stuck is peak comedy
  • @SpringySpring04
    I swear sometimes Mark feels like a small cozy horror game youtuber with like 1k subs. Its really fun to experience that