11 HOURS of Rainforest Birds in 4K - Colorful Breathtaking Birds with Sound by Nature Relaxation

Published 2021-06-22

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  • I've listened and seen lots and lots of relaxing and peaceful music clips on YouTube and I must say this is one of the best ones I've ever met! Thank you! 💛
  • So serene 😍 I love the sounds of an ambient forest. They're my favourite videos to make
  • I have been so stressed lately. And this song has calm me down. Everyone spreading these kind messages hit my heart and now i fell so peaceful.I hope everyone has a calm and relaxed time. Enjoy life while you can <3
  • Amrita Hansra
    This makes you feel so peaceful and there is so much joy in your heart. Thank you for this amazing video. Thank you for the amazing work you did in developing this ♥
  • Peaceful Day
    I can relax really well with this music! Thank you very much!
  • Tour Sidekicks
    What a great way of relaxing! Listening to the sound of nature takes our worries away. I really love the sound of those chirping birds and their stunning color ❤ Who else do?
  • pikapoka17
    Thank you SO much! I love birds and this has been most helpful in my attempts to relax and fall asleep. 💕
  • Marla Kobylski
    I use this to keep my parrots company when I am gone. They seem to enjoy it and I cast it onto my 4k tv. It's just gorgeous! Thank you!
  • christopher vos
    OMG, I love this video, so relaxing to listen while working. If I get bored, I could look at the pretty birds. It's a win win situation.
  • Oslec kkkids
    Vocês vão longe com o canal parabéns mesmo!
  • Какая красота, сколько Господь создал красоты в нашем мире и это еще те кого человек изучил и заснял, а сколько того к чему человек не смог прикоснуться
  • ABSOLUTELY LOVE this! What a wonderful video and the sounds....exquisite! Perfect on my wall screen all day long! Thank you for this! Beautifully done.
  • Truly a masterpiece. I think I need to learn from your videos a lot. Thank you for sharing this wonderful thing. Wishing everyone who is listening to have fun, happiness and remove sorrow
  • Heather stubbs
    This is my favorite video so far! I prefer the music of nature weigh over this with background music. It's so incredibly beautiful! Thank you so much for this amazing blend of forest birds, because we're losing weigh, too many of them. We've already lost 50% of our songbirds here in the U.S., and we're losing them much faster than ever before.
  • Chuck Correll
    I LOVE to listen to this, even if it's background to something else. Super calming, and my plants seem to like it too. Hmm...
  • This is perfect for my birds during the day in there Tiki Room. My 27 birds love the scenery and the birds they see. I have 2 Sun Conures as a breeding pair, 18 Parrekeets, 1 Green Cheek Conure, 1 Pineapple Green Cheek Conure, and 2 Peach Faced Love birds. They are happy birds for sure, and Relaxed. I study there flight patterns since all my birds fly free at different times of day😃🧚‍♂️🦅🪂👍👍👍❤️💝💕!!!