The ENTIRE History of Fortnite: Animated!

Published 2022-11-26
This is the ENTIRE History of Fortnite: Animated!
I wanted to make this to show my appreciation to the game that's given me so much. Enjoy!

🌟Thanks to our BRAND NEW ONImation Team!🌟

Meagan Clark ( Production Manager ) -

Abnormal Chaos ( Storyboard LEAD / Character Design ) -
Laddi ( Storyboard Artist ) -
Michael Azar ( Storyboard Artist ) -
Bradlee McDaniel ( Storyboard Artist ) -

MissRiah ( Animation LEAD / Character Design ) -
Claire Anzalone ( Animator ) -
Mark Dowell ( Animator ) -
Motiny ( Animator ) -
Joe Hurley ( Animator ) -
MeggKloy ( Animator ) -

Diana Maria [MilkyMichii] ( Background Art LEAD ) -
NuNu91011 ( Background Artist ) -
Tricia Moreno ( Background Artist ) -
McKayla Krygier ( Background Artist ) -

Written by: Grayson Bewley

Edited by David Seeber
Edited by Brianna Legra

Creative Director: Jack Melaschenko

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This video covers the entire history of Fortnite from the launch of the battle royale to the end of Chapter 3. Maybe we'll have to make a second part for Fortnite Chapter 4. I tried to fit everything I could in this video without making it 3 hours, so some things were left out!

This video was inspired by Top5Gaming's Entire History of Fortnite Battle Royale, Bill Wurtz' Entire History of the world, i guess and SunnyV2's the entire History of Fortnite, i guess

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All Comments (21)
  • Inuu
    dude this video felt like a whole movie. It's crazy to think how much a video game can affect you and thinking back, I don't regret anything about it. Thx sypher from bringing back memories that were put away so long ago.
  • Theranger45
    Now that I think back on it this game means,so much it's the game that brought me to the wonderful gaming community and changed my life.
  • AJV Films
    This was actually pretty entertaining and well animated. Nice Job! :D
  • luis
    Love that he gave certain ppl their credit for certain things like Myth teaching us about building
  • The animation is too clean! BTW, there was a bit of an error at the 20:07 : Jones is supposed to be with the seven, not the IO.
  • ethan hough
    this video was fire and i teared up a little from the nostalgia. but i would love to see a updated version of this video you did amazing.
  • HLZine
    Not only is the animation great but syphers story telling is great too!
  • Nathan LaFleur
    16:35 That last picture of Galactus just looming over the island is actually terrifying.
  • VengefulJester
    I loved the primal season. It's where I started when they added Aloy as a skin. So I had no previous thing to compare it all to. I only cared about one thing, that was Aloy
  • PuRe GhOsTT
    Surprisingly great video. These videos someday will sadly be the only things we have left of this game.
    At this point I don't know if its just me, but the nostalgia hits so hard it almost hurts. Sypher has done such a good job at bringing back all the memories and representing the old and current Fortnite community. This was just amazing to watch.
  • TekTodd
    I was NOT expecting this video to be such a fun, compelling, and wholesome story. mannn that anime sequence tho 😂it was freaking hilarious and ON POINT XD even felt the feelz at the end. very well done!
  • Mike Jorgensen
    Finally got a chance to watch this and it was worth it brought back so many memories and makes you realize how much fortnite really does to change their game and add new items pretty unreal
  • FlaMe_Iconic
    This was pretty well made and entertaining all the way through! Jolly well done!
  • TNMW
    What an amazing video! Appreciate the work that was put into this!
  • Dirt Block
    GOD DAMN this hit hard. almost brought a tear to my eye at the end.
  • Toypzz
    man the nostalgia is crazy. I miss getting on the game on Chapter 1 season 3 and begging my parents for the battlepass. Even Chapter 2 Season 2. One of my favs as well, I met a bunch of friends that I loved to play with as well. Fortnite has really been a great game, much love to everyone on the Epic team as well. They have been going for 5 years and hasnt stopped yet.
  • Fifi playz
    The fact you never know when the story is going to end is sad, we made so much memories, remember crystal clear when I first played (ch1 season 9). I was at my friend's house and he introduced me to the game, I then downloaded and we started to play together. I made so much friends and I'm scared that the end is soon. This is definitely one of the best and the most memories I made in an online game