Keep off the Grass

Published 2016-01-13
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A man who loves grass confronts a man who doesn't.

Music by Igor Nemirovsky.

For our friend, Monty Oum.

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All Comments (21)
  • @babylonian
    Finding out this was a Monty Oum tribute was such a sweet touch.
  • @koreboredom4302
    The chemistry between the two characters is better that most multimillion dollar big budget movies today.
  • @lundylow
    To those who don't know, Monty Oum was a mind-blowingly brilliant animator who inspired a lot of other animators. His fight choreography was like watching professional dancers breakdance get the plot of a story. He died suddenly at 33 because of an allergic reaction during a routine procedure, and it was a sucker punch to a lot of people.

    7:38 I'm choking up again. I never knew you Monty, but your art was so beautiful.
  • I remember showing this to my film making teacher in high school when we started work on silent films. He now shows his class this every year.
  • Astonishing how the most simple sentence can convey such a deep meaning. “Keep off the grass” is only four words, yet the implications are infinite. Absolutely a wonderful piece of art. Thank you.
  • @buckle8447
    This is what would happen if Issac Newton had never invented gravity.
  • @JoaLoft
    The "Well, that escalated quickly" meme was invented for videos such as these.
  • @Dedhaven
    Grass: "So you finally did it, what did it cost?"
    Grassman: "everything"
  • i've never seen anything like this era of rocket jump, online or anywhere else.
    for a good few years freddie and his company made these wholly original, seemingly pretty high-budget sketches - completely unique ideas, everything.
    i have no idea how this was sustainable for rj for even this long, honestly - but i'm so glad we have these. they're weird, they're funny, they're super entertaining.
    whatever they're doing now, i hope the rj crew is doing good. they left their mark on internet history for sure :)
  • @ilyasbasuki3207
    That was one of the most epic things ever made on YouTube. Except the end part, when it became one of the saddest. Rest in Peace, Monty.
  • When they landed on that airplane, all I could think was, "Welp, it's a good thing they aren't wearing capes!"

    "No capes!" -Edna Mode
  • That ending turned quickly.

    And I must say... it truly was quite emotional.

    I actually loved it, soo much. Thank you.
  • @JengaCube
    This is literally the five stages of grief and you can't convince me otherwise
    0:39 Denial
    0:58 Anger
    4:08 Bargaining
    6:30 Depression
    7:20 Acceptance
  • @10ArtsStudios
    All these years later and this is still my favorite short film of all time ❤️👍
  • @Edhead.
    The dedication to Monty made me tear up a bit!
  • @orange13411
    The power of the sun was in the palm of his hands.