Published 2021-12-05

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  • @tejaspratap9131
    The Chapter 3 map brings back so many memories, it is kinda similar to the map in chapter 1, with the different climates.
  • @Shititzty
    Honestly We need an emote only the rock has when he raises one eyebrow
  • @AVG12312
    “Spider-Man doesn’t kill” Fresh: I miss the part where that’s my problem
  • @tatorgamor9475
    Fun fact: for the quadcrasher you can still do the flying thing it instead you simply push the gas button to tilt it up
  • @x2hughesy259
    these new shotguns are something the amount of times ive died because of how long it takes to shoot between shots for the striker pump shot is unbelievable compared to the spaz
  • @oliverjip2155
    Hey fresh, you should really try out the new med-mist. It’s not a very good heal for like 20 to 100, but it’s a good patch up for like 70 to 100. It’s also REALLY good to use when in storm and running in to the zone, since it gives 5 health a sec, and you can run full speed and use it at the same time
  • @josh0419
    Fresh I just wanna thank you for uploading almost every day. Every time you upload my day gets better. Keep up the grind in Chapter 3. Love u man! Thank You Guys So Much For the Likes and Support. Fresh Community is the Best!!!
  • @iamodmk
    Fresh: first game, lands in PP despite the fact that it’s no longer PP anymore lmao
  • @daddychill6566
    Yes this is he of the best chapters and seasons I’ve seen It’s great and the downtime wasn’t as long as chapter 2 which is great!! The live event was great too and the story line works with the new map
  • @mattyp1857
    Tent could make some of your certain weapon only challenges a bit easier if you fail or think you won't survive, and you could save your weapon so you don't waste money on it if it's an exotic, since you can store those too
  • @yayeetayps6-RN
    Fortnite: “due to an issue we have temporarily disabled sliding.”
  • @mrpita4065
    This chapter looks so cool, might just take some getting used to!
  • @scuba8499
    the new map reminds me of the OG map in many ways. the different biomes and the layout is also similar. I also love the greasy came back :)
  • @ssjmiyon
    I like how you and muselk first reaction to the quad was to build a ramp and try to stay in the air like the old days love to see it
  • @chezlover7385
    Fresh i feel u man. its doing the same thing for me were its been in queue for like an hour.
  • This feels so odd but good, like the new scopes remind me of fps games but the game is third person and I love it
  • U can use the tent to store items at your main drop area and use it to your at vantage in arenas of tournaments
  • @britt3561
    Let’s get that live stream going man