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Published 2018-08-17
First of all, I am no way shape or form condoning cutting your own hair... haha... however, if there is a zombie apocolypse, and you feel it necessary to cut your own bangs.. here is how to get the perfect whipsy, textured bangs! also, I talked about flat irons, here is the link to the one that I have:
Dura Chi flat iron:

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  • linhughes
    Perfect! I have been asking for these bangs everytime I get my haircut at the salon. Did it myself per your instructions and I finally have what I have been asking for all this time. Thank you Harmony. Love them.
  • Dennis Maus
    As a licensed stylist I’m usually skeptical of YouTube hair videos. I just want to say, your techniques are spot on! Plus your presentations and positive energy would make anyone feel comfortable! Keep up the good work! ❤️❤️❤️
  • Invisible Woman
    I thought this video was just about bangs but I also learned how to use my straightener.👩 Your video made me a super star! I was able to confidently cut my daughter's bangs without making her look like my 90s year book pic. Thank you!!
  • Alex Smith
    I've had blunt bangs for years that I decided to grow out. They were getting long and looked so bad and hanging in my eyes, so I used this method and I love them again!!! Gave them the perfect amount of layering so they look intentional, not like they're in the process of growing out. I like them so much I think I'll keep them now :) Thank you for this video, it was so helpful!
  • paula williamson
    I'm a hair stylist. And you have some very cool and edgy techniques , that us stylists go to seminars to learn. You have a lovely way of expressing and teaching these very important methods of styling and cutting your hair. I have only a handful of girls that could create the movement that is sooooo important not only when styling , but when cutting hair. Bravo to you for taking the time to blow dry and hot Toronto your hair before you. It it. So many time I have seen coworkers , cut the bangs when their wet and they spring up and look horrible because they cut them straight a across, causing a blunt look. Don't even get me started because if the hair is curly , it's liable to spring up an inch or two depending on the amount of curl .......
    Just wanted to say how awesome you are at styling hair, keep on rockin it
  • Annie Z
    Exactly the bangs I've been looking for! Love how easily they can be pushed aside and out of the way! Thank you for posting this ♥️
  • Jane Hardin
    I have to say, you by far, have the BEST tutorials on your channel. I don't watch anyone else, don't need to. You are precise, in depth, and know what you're doing. Thank you for taking time for those of us who don't have much time, to teach us good methods for obtaining your beautiful hair styles. I'm almost 57 years old and now wear my hair like yours. I so love the compliments I get. Keep bringing your talents to us.... ❤️
  • missmayflower
    You are gorgeous and I really love how simply and naturally you demo this. No silly gimmicks. Lovely.
  • Hikerphillips
    I know this video is old but I am so happy I watched it. Makes a world of difference when cutting my bangs. I am living in a place where most people have very heavy straight across bangs and I had a hair stylist do that to mine. Now I am cutting myself at home and this gives me the look I had from my stylist before. Thank you!
  • W Lucero
    I LOVE this wispy bang! My hair is all one length which took me forever to get it that way, so it's going to be scary to achieve this look, but I love it so much that I might just try. I like knowing I can just use a small portion of my hair. Thanks for sharing, and thanks for being so detailed. You remind me of young Michelle Pfeiffer who is also stunningly beautiful. Thanks again.
  • Perfect instructions! I haven't had bangs in 20 years. Was looking for a new look...they turned out beautiful. Thanks! Subscribed 💚
  • Tracey Weiss
    This was really helpful! I have tried trimming my own bangs in between cuts before and have always had bad results. This is a really great tutorial for how to correct my errors. Thanks!
  • Mayra Moore
    As a mature woman, I enjoy your detailed videos both visually and explaining the technique. You are also precious, thank you for sharing.
  • L Hal
    I just found your channel. Let me just say WOW! finally someone that actually demonstrates how to use the flat iron! Please continue to do these videos so those of us that are just learning can do it correctly and not burn up our hair. You ROCK!
  • C. Fletcher
    Love this technique! First time I cut my bangs i was 14. I held my hair straight up and then - AH OH! Since then (and that was a very long time ago) I have been cutting my bangs. I cannot wait to do mine like this! Thanks
  • Char Kelly
    This tutorial is AMAZINGGGG!!!! I did it and I’ve got lush bangs 😍😍 thank you so much!!!
    P.S you are so beautiful and you look like a doll ❤️ thanks for the tutorial
  • Allisha Charlton
    I followed this tutorial, and my bangs turned out so beautifully! Thank you!
  • Mollie Rutlidge
    Best demonstration I’ve found on YouTube!! Not had my hair with bangs/full fringe in 2 decades but I’ll be doing it in about an hour, fingers crossed
  • Carly Brinson
    Cut them just like this and I LOVE THEM! We already had the same cut I just had no bangs, so I followed your guide and framed a little more around my face. Perfect. I've never cut my hair by myself before.
  • Crystal Maltbie
    I'm so glad I found this video I been straightening my hair all wrong for years and wondered how other women have so much volume and I didn't. I absolutely love how you did your bangs I'm going to have to get my done like this!!