Geometric tattoo | 3x speed

Published 2022-07-25

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  • Daaaaaamn bro!! That’s a hell of a steady hand !!!!🎉 geometric is freaking hard to pull off!! You’re doing awesome!!!!
  • GQ3MindSpeaks
    Man…that was just so enjoyable to witness. A real inspiration. Thanks for sharing.
  • Luis Avila
    hello Bro I'm starting in the world of tattooing and the truth is you inspire me a lot brother thanks for your videos
  • FLAWLESS! you just convince me to use a round shader to make lines on a self-tattoo (im kinda new).
  • Sharon Kong
    Could you do a couple pieces in the middle of the video that show live speed? I’m still learning and it’d help me out to see! Love your vids, learning a lot!
  • Marina Benouarzeg
    Какая классная тату!! Очень -очень понравилась! Браво.👋
  • Matthew Makowski
    My exact setup. Less volts, but would like to see normal speed for that! I enjoyed it Thank you!
  • Kelly Kwon
    Look, buddy, I'm broke right now and your artistry and impeccable skill and talent is making me wanna go get a tattoo!
  • Deadspeak1
    thanks for including the needle grouping and voltage
  • wicked liquid
    Hey brother dope looking tattoo. I was just wondering if you could let me know what the stroke is on your machine while you're running a 9 round shooter at 9 volts?
  • Shae Sherman
    What are you wiping on the skin before applying ink? I'm new to tattooing and still learning so doing all the research I can now.
  • Kuro Schicksal
    I myself created a design for my own tatoo and I never did any tatoo in my life. I wanna do one but would gladly like some advices before. I saw a lot of weird videos with ppl taking off the ink and the skin at the same time and I have to admit it was scary. But I will surely do a tatoo if well informed.

    It’s a bit on the style of the tatoo in the video btw.

    You did a wonderful job there. Continue your work it’s really awesome.