New *CHAPTER 3* Mythic Weapons, Secrets and Winning Umbrella! (Fortnite)

Published 2021-12-05

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  • @MaximumFear
    I love everything about chapter 3 except the shotguns🤣
  • @taraburke5337
    10:50 Fun little fact here about the trees I experienced.. When you knock down a tree and it lands in the water, you jump on top of it and it makes you go down stream really fast.😁 Edit: Thank you for all the likes
  • @tomute9212
    The ars: Only the Mk Seven is good The shotguns: You don't need to carry one The SMGs: Over powered. You NEED one to win The snipers: Very powerful but not that strong The heals: incredible The other items: Average The map: LOVELY In conclusion: Only carry an MK seven with an SMG and sniper. You will get fantastic dubskies by doing this. Sleepy sound is minty for loot.
  • @official-kbsavv
    Btw a new way to get great speed with the slide feature on flat land: slide then jump and slide again
  • @utljdog5418
    I think it’s the best season in my opinion and can’t wait to see what you do with this amazing content
  • @TheMSMBrisk
    TG I haven’t watched you in a while and seeing you again brought a smile to my face
  • @Shayba01
    Who still watches these og videos
  • @WSAIVY21
    I won my first game on with nine kills, seven of them were by sniper when I saw a big group of people fighting out in the open.
  • @Mizzy260
    This Chapter has so much Potential in it❤️😍
  • @lightnoober9778
    Quads are already in the game you can find them anywhere but greasy grove is the best spot to find them
  • @Alpha_4608
    Chapter 3 is by far my favorite chapter of all time.
  • @tfaddesigns8499
    You need to land sleepy sound, that place is awesome already love it. I hope some items from ch1 and 2 one back though
  • @H3b383
    If they brought back pumps this season would be goated 🥵