Becoming a Man of God | Paul Washer

Published 2021-07-06
To be a man of God is to be a man of the Word.

The problem we have among Christian men today is that they do not know how to be a man of God.

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All Comments (21)
  • I’m gonna do a better job of loving my wife after hearing this message. No pastor in my 50 years here on Earth has ever spoken so clearly and powerfully as what I just heard. Thank you for this video who ever uploaded it. 🙏🏻
  • Don Bania
    I am a quadriplegic, paralyzed from the shoulders down, and have been one for the last 51 years. On August 19, 1970, at the age of 18, a drunk driver turned into my lane while on my motorcycle, which subsequently broke my neck and severed my spinal cord. Every day my wheelchair reminds me of my mortality. This talk by Paul Washer hit it out of the Park; and it is something every American man needs to hear!
  • Ben Chappell
    I’ve listened to this sermon 4-5 times now. God is speaking to me through this man. Praise God.
  • Weekly updates
    I am so broken that God’s mercy led me to this sermon. Thank you God. Thank you Jesus
  • pink beretta
    He speaks from a pure place. It’s raw it’s honest and it moves me spiritually and this is what the word is suppose to do. The seriousness in the word is chilling yet beautiful and brings peace simply because when your right with the lord it the most comforting thing anyone could feel
  • Steven Brown
    A lot of what Paul Washer says stings but he is absolutely right. As adults and looking back to our parents and I'm sure our parents parents, we mock our children, but what have we done to raise our kids to walk in God's word? Me included! God please forgive me and give me the strength to be a better Christian role model for my child and others to emulate.
  • Cinnabread
    What he says around 16:00 really hit me a lot. My dad wasn't a Christian at all til he was dying of cancer. There's a lot of things I didn't learn from him that I should have at a younger age, but rather I'm learning them as I go through other means. But it's hard, I'm not as strong as I could be because of that, I have the church which I'm grateful for but ultimately I didn't have that as a boy and it really hurt me. Please raise your children up to be men and women of God. It's no laughing matter, this is the meaning between ultimate life and death
  • DiveNavy22
    I’ve been a believer for many years; but I always wanted to hear the feel good sermons. I know now, that was because I wasn’t serious about my relationship with God. Now that I’m serious, I yearn for the truth; no matter how hard it stings. Thank you Paul; We need to hear the truth
  • Jason Smith
    I am a gamer and have a family and this opened my eyes. Thank you for sharing.
  • "'But I'm not a missionary, I'm not a preacher.' If you're in this church, you know better than to use that language." This just struck me as awesome because I believe that statement represents something fundamentally wrong with the Church today. That statement represents a standard and expectation of accountability; a culture of behavior that is working towards being more like Christ. The Church has gone so long catering to the newcomer in hopes of keeping them. when it's the standard of the Lord that either draws people in or it doesn't. But when you have believers sold out for Christ the lost are pursued.
    Absolutely amazing sermon. I took out a pad and pen and wrote so much down to study. Listed things I need to change or correct as a man of God. This really hut home for me.
  • Gideon Ango
    Thank you God for raising up Paul Washer to be a great example for us men.❤
  • Bonnie
    Wooooow! I am just blown away with what I just heard! Thank you Holy Spirit for using Paul Washer for this word this morning! Gods Peace.
  • Lee Watson
    Pure, no-nonsense TRUTH preached. I come to expect nothing less from brother Paul Washer. Thank you brother, for your ongoing courage to "preach the Word."
  • Pierre's Point
    Man I love this man's heart for judging believers and not unbelievers.
  • Felipe Ars
    OMG how I love the Word of God, its so pure, so full of wisdom…
  • Scotty Roper
    I think I have always been good at honoring my wife and as well as being a good dad. I like most I think at one time or another was motivated by Ungodly things. I started trying to make a concerted effort to do both better about 4-6 weeks ago. This was put the best I have ever heard it put thank you Mr. Washer and your timing is impeccable. Thank you so much for the reminder for what we are supposed to do in this life. Powerful sermon!!!!!!!!
  • Please pray for me because I have failed every single one of these standards and need the renewal of my heart and mind to not seek the the things of this word, but the things of God.
  • It also helps me in becoming a woman of God. I don't want to get comfortable into this world. I want to be broken on the things that broke God's heart. I am a recipient of His amazing grace, and I am beyond grateful that He broke me a thousand times yet His grace carries me.
  • Caleb Dorval
    This is one of the most humbling sermon I have ever heard in my life. It made me realize that I need to live my life in a way to represent Christ in all that I do. Thank you for this sermon.