Grizzly Battleground (Full Episode) | Alaska's Grizzly Gauntlet

Published 2021-07-07
North America doesn’t get much colder, nor any darker than Alaska in winter.
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Grizzly Battleground (Full Episode) | Alaska's Grizzly Gauntlet

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All Comments (21)
  • Bernie Short
    What an amazing production with exquisite filming and narration. There is an almost pure beauty in these animals that fight (not one another but the elements) to survive the bitter weather and terrain, honing their individual skills to survive. Thank you, I enjoyed every minute of this program.
  • Shayan Peyghambari
    The cameramen are extremely talented and professional, on top being so emotional and connected with nature.
  • Chilie 2000
    Haven't watched yet, however wanted to say
    THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH, to all involved especially to those out there risking there lives to bring us these incredible videos about the world to which we live and would never know about.
    I know your camp stories are unbelievable.
    I absolutely Love these shows. Sometimes I think I missed my calling. I spent two summers in the rainforest, mink bay . We did not have grizzly bears but we did have a very large Black bears 5 to 700 pounds for the biggest ones that you would see. I could've lived in the wilderness anywhere and done this for a living probably for very little money. Thank you for sharing it was great
  • David Hall
    The most incredible creatures on the surface of our planet.. I absolutely love these bears. My favorite animals since i was old enough to read and learn about them in my step fathers hunting magazines.
  • Alska is so beautiful and vast and the landscapes are just gorgeous, these animals are just so majestic and they all go through a life and death battle to survive however its still interesting to watch what goes on in the world of wildlife, its a brutal fight for survival but no one's willing to back down. NATURE'S JUST AMAZING
  • Jacob V
    Thanks for posting the entire episode! Fascinated by these animals' survival techniques.
  • I have an idea, lets make a 45 minute show, name it Grizzly Battleground and show about 3 minutes of bear footage! BRILLIANT!!!
  • Killercoldice22
    Amazing video just loved it and the foxing diving in the snow was epic. I do wish they woulda showed more bears tho since it was called Grizzly battleground lol.
  • Meet The Smythes
    Thank you and your team for producing this wild life YouTube Video ! Awesome ! Happy New Year to you and all your subscribers in 2022 ! May you all have a Blessed Happy New Year ! All the best in 2022 !
  • SubtleKnowledge
    Excellent documentary. Totally admire those who did the intricate videography.
    Contrary to us humans, none of these critters are part of a political party, are not asking for hand-outs, don't expect retirement and are in fact living life the way life should be lived.
    We, humans, have a long way to go.
  • Dennis Lorance
    If you have ever been a link in the food chain in bear country you learn to appreciate all the critters below you and fear those above you. It also gives you a positive outlook on weapons.
  • Green Wave
    that eagle fight at the intro was pretty intense. I love how the Golden gets in there and while being bigger, is also more ninja
  • Todella upea ja näyttävä dokumentti sieltä, mihin vain harvat pääsevät. Näitä videoita pitäisi meidän kaikkien oppia arvostamaan. Luonto ja koko siellä tapahtuva elämä varmaan opettaisi meille jotain jo unohtunutta.Kiitos tekijöille.
  • jerry
    wow alaska is full of a lot of amazing creatures
  • I actually have more respect for the BIG MALE, because he could definitely hurt her. Because all he saw were 2 smaller bears in his prime spot. So he didn’t have to back down, but he was more interested in the endless fish than fighting.
  • Waffen&Rosen
    It’s both amazing and amusing to watch the fox dive and drill his way down the snow!
  • John Savers
    I was awed by the massed battle between carabou and blood-thirsty mosquitos on the tundra during the warming days of summer. Carabou proved that a dip in time nips gore.
  • Aves
    So calm and so interesting! Obviously worth watching