Lady Gaga - Hold My Hand (Live From The Oscars/2023)

Published 2023-03-13

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  • ThyMemeGuy
    No makeup, no glam, no theatrics. Just pure talent and honesty
  • Kiwai
    I love her for being raw in front of THIS crowd at THIS event. So bold. So powerful. We need more real people on TV.
  • Lori Brown
    Gaga is in her own category. WOW, she makes statements with everything she does- singing or not what a beautiful soul
  • Jack Carter
    One thing about Gaga...she can steal the show in ANY context. This moment had so much heart in it.
  • Candi Cane
    This is who’s she’s always been. When she first started singing, she had to get peoples attention by being creative and artistically over the top. She set the tone of the 2010s. Every pop star starting trying to out do her. But Gaga was always 20 steps ahead. Now she can get on the stage and be stripped down and people actually hear her. I find it funny that all us little monsters always knew this but the rest of the world never got it. I’m glad she showed this to the world. I remember when she came out as Jo Calderone at the mtv music awards. She was telling an honest dialogue and every celebrity in that room was so confused. I understood that back then that was the only way she could tell her story and hold everyone’s attention.
  • robert samick
    From the Haus of Gaga to the House of Gucci to the House of Oscar to the House of Grammy; Lady Gaga is extraordinary!
  • It doesn't matter if you are sad, happy or depressed, Lady Gaga will always have a song for you.
  • Kresh_K
    That energy, that emotion.... made my last 6 hours feel like a minute.
  • People amazed at how Lady Gaga performed without makeup, but this is just a pinch of how genuine and great singer she is.
  • This woman is an enigma; no one can predict her next move. I deeply love her for all the music she’s giving us
  • Snow Abcede
    “You can be your own hero even if you feel broken inside”. best quote from Gaga 😢 sing it all over and over again even the lyrics struck me
  • Mrs. Bochin0
    Amo su look, refrescante verla así. Sigue teniendo un poder monstruoso solo con jeans y remera
  • Sha Vi
    J’attendais avec impatience une version live de cette chanson et je ne suis pas déçu du tout 😍😍
  • Dennis Karani
    No makeup, glamour or special effects, just pure raw singing straight from the heart.
  • Lady Gaga is the best! A true showman. She is truly one of us at heart.
    So down to earth. She hasn't forgot were she came from. Or why she does what she does. For us! There is no other like her. Nor has there been.
    " Lady Gaga forever"