A small town dreams big, with very big things

Published 2022-08-14
Conor Knighton visits Casey, Illinois, home to the World's Largest Rocking Chair, World's Largest Golf Tee, World's Largest Pitchfork, and World's Largest Wind Chime, among many other over-sized objects. It's a collection that has helped the tiny town halfway between St. Louis and Indianapolis loom large on the map of world records. (This story was originally broadcast August 20, 2017.)
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All Comments (21)
  • Alex Mercedes
    I love this story. Almost 50 years ago I was in a van with other "hippies" on our way to CA from IN and the van broke down in Casey. We were there two days for repairs and enjoyed ourselves immensely. The people were so friendly, the food was good. A complete stranger put us up at his house for two nights for no charge. I'm Black and didn't see a single other Black person the whole time but gosh I had a good time. I've since begun collecting miniatures. Seeing this story makes me want to go back to Casey with my little things. Good for you, Casey! And thanks for the memories CBS.
  • Carolina
    What a fabulous story😊. So lovely to see this little town flourishing in tougher times 😊😊
  • Steve Kile
    I only live 30 miles from Casey and get there often. I drive a school bus for another district and our various sports teams compete often with the Casey/Westfield Warriors. Wonderful & friendly little town.
  • I live in Illinois and never heard of this town. Definitely going to put it on my list of places to visit when traveling through the state.
  • JoAnne Weiss
    He's brilliant! This is genius in creativity & planning, wish I still travelled, would love to do the Midwest!
  • b.visconti
    Don't Forget The Big Man With The Big Heart Who Showed Big Love For His Little Town..We Give Big Thanks To You!😘
  • Kristyn Michael
    Just stopped in Casey a few weeks ago on our long move to Florida. GREAT little town that's clean and has a good vibe!
  • Chris Finch
    The moment you see how large these objects are, down in Casey, you then think you’re one of the kids in “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”.
  • Gracie
    How absolutely creative & fun. People traveling see this episode now know a great place to stop on their journey. Wouldn’t have hurt to give a shout out to the local eatery. Foodies are always looking for their next epicurean feast!
  • I saw what at the time was the world's largest rolling pin in Australia in 2005. This is a feel good story hopefully in a town that accepts people of all colors and political opinions softly spoken. Looks like a good candidate for that show that revitalizes towns. I bet Casey, Ill. could beat that record easily.

    This may give me a reason to drive east of SLC someday. California has the world's largest homeless encampments and some of the most expensive homes so what's left to see here? Time to sit on the rocking chair from Land of the Giants.
  • Diana Mateo
    Great way to bring people in. I think my favorite is the mailbox. Makes me want to visit Casey.
  • Janet Pattison
    This is great. 🥰 Now I want to see the biggest rocking chair in the world. ❤️💕❤️ And I love that mailbox. 💕💕💕At some point these items need to be in a movie about a giant.
  • littleman1 L.
    Nice story & would love to visit there one day.... And it all started with a big idea.... Love all the big items.... Those wind chimes are just great! 😊💜
  • Kelly McCall
    The mailbox is incredibly clever! Great job! Makes us want to detour- your hook caught it
  • Ter Pen
    Cool story! So refreshing considering everything else going on.
  • Joseluis G Duran
    @tracysmith I love seeing you hosting. Been a fan since Channel1. The clearest choice for the gig full time (once Ms. Jane Paully (love her so much) is ready to pass the honor of host on) I mean it's not even a discussion... if you want it, you got it Ms. Smith the house down.
  • levina walsh
    Love this!! Just fabulous. Love from Ireland ☘👏👏👏.
  • L. Mays
    Thank you for sharing the town of Casey, Illinois. Your reporting made me laugh!! LOL!! The big chair is big!!!! Wow!!! I love that "big pencil". Too cute....