Walking in the Holy Spirit – Dr. Charles Stanley

Published 2015-01-09
Do you want to live with real peace, contentment and joy in life? Do you want to have the power to overcome temptation or persevere through adversity?

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  • Gavino Garcia
    Taking notes ✍️.... From:) Pastor Dr. Charles Stanley.... 💯🔥🕊️Holy Spirit 🕊️🔥💯... I love hearing his teaching ✍️. God bless the whole world !! 🙏🌎🙏......
  • Jay B
    I will always be grateful to God for you Dr. Charles Stanley!
  • deborah thompson
    What a informative sermon. I love God with all my heart. Thank you pastor Stanley 🙏
  • Bodean Smith
    Thank you Holy Spirit for teaching me &reminding me I am a Child of The Holy God
  • @TheButlerfamily
    I'm in 8th grade and I've been watching this for years, my dad used to put this on the radio!
  • Someone needs to hear this Oh Lord! God almighty! I magnify your name! Yaweh I give you all the glory for my life! Forgive my sins and my un confessed sins Lord! Lord I want more of you and less of me! I thank you for your protection! I am truly blessed and highly favored I sit in heavenly places and I am the son of a mighty King!!! I love you Jesus! This is such a great song. I feel so much of the holyspirit in me. God has been so good and I have never had to hold my knowledge back as I always want to impact people and make them rich as I am. I have had lots of my fellow brother and sisters who reach out to me via email and I don’t heststate to help. If you are willing to do the lords work that is a good thing. I have some of my clients who own orphanage homes and charity organisation. I am so delight that there are good people in the world who want to use money for Gods work. Remain blessed everyone. No matter what you go through God loves you.
  • Troy Guidry
    He breaks it down for us to understand very clear , he the best teacher in religion by far . Amen thank u Jesus
  • Helen Thomas
    I love his teaching, I started listening to him in 1978. The word never change. Dynamic Holy Spirit Teaching.
  • Neil Alcala
    Thankful for having heard this 6 years after it was uploaded. What timeless wisdom this holds.
  • Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Psalms 119:105 Blessings to this channel and to all.
  • Hope Cayenne
    I just got saved two weeks ago. I’m glad to find someone to can help me on my journey. Glory be to God. The journey hasn’t been so hard 💃🏽 I almost left this world voluntarily and I’m glad I didn’t. God’s love is immense and his grace is sufficient
  • Gloria Lloyd
    I have been listening to this man of God for years. Phenomenal! He preaches the Word.
  • Bodean Smith
    So grateful for God's Spirit precious Holy Spirit helping make it thru all the chaos & DECEIT
  • This message was perfectly put together, flat out amazing! God used him in detail🙌 Thank you Lord for this precious message 💖
  • Annalee Jollie
    Thank you for sharing. This is a much needed lesson.
  • Maggie Harris
    I really love the way he preach and teach the word of GOD 🙏
    And it's so clear to understand.
  • Buckshot
    After I got saved over twenty years ago, I listened to Charles Stanley, I've been around listening to more preachers than I'll mention, but overall after hearing him for over twenty years I see he's God's real deal.
  • Rita Duplessis
    This is Nov 6 2021. I love Charles Stanley. I wish more pastors would preach like him .