FREE ROAM FNAF | Fazbear Nights

Published 2023-09-05

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  • @colddRamen
    It seems that Markiplier is a little unaware of his surroundings. Let’s motivate him with a controlled shock
  • @RadicalEdward2
    I think this is the first FNAF game I’ve ever seen actually depict that the animatronics have weight to them. The loud thumping was a really nice touch.
  • @charms2181
    Seeing mark stare directly at bonnie and go "so there's chica... why can't i find bonnie" is genuinely so funny to me
  • @RealNefastus
    Not gonna lie, Mark completely ignoring the nights on top right corner is so on brand.
    On another hand, I gotta say I really like the concept of this game. Having the gang actually move around makes it much more interesting and more tactical, giving the player more freedom of action and planning instead of just spamming the same cameras and doors for 6 minutes.
  • @Veggie_Goat
    Mark taunting the animatronics and freddy full sprinting at him like "you're not that guy pal, you're not that guy" was the funniest thing iv seen
  • @finnlin.
    this game honestly put it in perspective for me on how big the animatronics actually are. the way the door as to slam so hard is because those animatronics weigh at most a ton
  • @mariamageras9393
    I love it everytime Mark gets cocky or confident in a horror game he immediately gets humbled by having the shit scared out of him
  • @meenal1139
    I absolutely love the animation detail of the doors on the sides of the office being these death inducing hydraulic crushing metal doors. The way the ground shakes when they close is just perfect - because they're supposed to be this key life saving measure to make sure you're not mauled by the animatronics but sometimes they're just played off like decoration. Really weird thing I noticed, but it made me happy!
  • @enderking6904
    Markiplier: It doesn’t feel like a complete experience
    Also Mark: Almost shutting himself multiple times.
  • @jadesibug9376
    I love the animation for the animatronics (ex: Bonnie) coming to life. It's like seeing the kids posses them or awaken in real time. Plus the addition of the white pupils after
  • @MayhemMischief
    The comedic timing of both Mark and Lixians editing is amazing
  • @eligbell3542
    Mark is so good at saying things and the game immediately proving him wrong. 🤣"And they aren't moving at all" All 3 animatronics proceed to immediately look up at the camera
  • @cloudshines812
    Even 9 years later, Markiplier and FNAF just go together so well like Bread and Butter
  • @Starqueen6.
    Was I the only one who was waiting for the iconic fnaf 4 “the first nights never usually that bad” when mark said “legitimately this is not that bad” at 8:38
  • @SeanGotGjally
    i think this game absolutely perfects the camera use experience. seeing them move in real time even if a bit goofy at time is so much more different than just looking at the stills. with extra polish and time i could see them making this genuinely really scary
  • @quietjester154
    13:29 Mark's reaction to seeing a 7 Ft tall chicken animatronic sprinting at him is perfect. The definition of "Well, well, well. The consequences of my actions!"
  • @cometolily
    At 8:53, Bonnie's animation was beyond amazing! It actually looked like the spirit of the kid(Jeremy I believe)entered Bonnie and possessed him.
  • @zLusso
    Markipler being in the FNAF movie would be the greatest thing ever. I’ve been excited to watch the movie ever since it got leaked way back, now it’s almost here.

    And tbh mark deserves it so much. What he’s done for five nights at Freddy’s, beating every game. True five nights at Freddy’s legend.
  • @akiakichan
    Mark asking if the game is just a walkaround before proceeding to get jumpscared by the music has the same energy as "The first night is never usually that bad in any of the games."
  • @sammy_edits711
    For 2 years ive been watching his videos during my depression, he is funny and comforting for me. Thank you mark❤