RimWorld but I start a Barbarian Empire...

Published 2024-04-15

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  • @The_Epic_Roach
    Love Rimworld, keep on with the content. Will need more
  • @LeoricAnslem
    Can we get a full mod list. Lot of stuff here I aint seen before. Like downed dudes crawling away? What was that?
  • @pimmpslap
    I haven't played Rimworld in 2 years even though I really want to. The only reason is because the mods to make what I want to do aren't possible or the experience isn't polished enough to make it worthwhile.
  • @tkkur3234
    Not enough organ harvesting. But great video either way.
  • @Gibson7Clans
    What do you think of recreating Battle Brothers game in Rim World?
  • @sebradi
    Nice you deserve more i Am French ✌