Woman's adopted dog turns out to be not too bright. But he delivers on laughs.

Published 2022-04-03
Woman's adopted dog turns out to be not too bright. But he delivers on making her laugh.

Check out Duncan's story: www.instagram.com/duncan_loves_coco/
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All Comments (21)
  • Duncan has great interaction with you and the kitty cat😎
    Glad you help each other, awesome to see that🎯❤
  • @wildthunderbird
    Every time she laughs at him, he wants to show off for her. He's not dumb, he's his own boss. I think he's smarter than most people 💕🐾💕🐾💕🐾💕
  • That dog is a comedic genuis! Anyone who can't see that, is the one that's not too bright. That dog is extremely bright! Look at the laughter he brings!
  • @rodrigopina322
    He presents training in 7 days. Each of 7 items are commands that he believes a dog should know. They are presented in part ii of the book youtube.com/post/UgkxK8-VQWpYThx4IC6MiIvb6VS1ebTzz… . The parts of the guideare divided: part i know your dog part ii the seven commands part iii cures for 7 behavior problems. Each chapter presents a topic, a dog's story, and a "what to do". It was written simply and you can jump from chapter to chapter to review anything as needed.
  • @darshandani1
    Absolutely loved the owner’s narration. The way she noticed and observed things in a great detail about him, intelligent yet emotional. The way she put it into words, eloquent yet polite.
  • @BeLoud13
    I love it when pets have pets of their own! 💞
  • You have a very special soul there, he’s a gift to you as you are to him. Love the love you three share. Duncan is really smart and shows pure emotion and love. So special!
  • Duncan is definitely a joyously unique personality! He seems to get more joy from life than a lot of people I know. Duncan and you are blessed to have each other.
  • @Booboonancy
    Nothing dumb about Duncan, he’s got personality in spades. We should all be so lucky to have a Duncan.
  • @mjremy2605
    That warmed my heart. What a sweet dog Duncan, and his playful sidekick, Coco! Great job on two rescues!!!
  • @ryannorman8898
    Just because he doesn’t do commands doesn’t mean he’s dumb. I can tell by that dogs eyes he’s smart. So much personality and expression. 👍🏼
  • @sarahrenfrow9795
    I’m so glad he found someone to love him. He’s a sweetheart.
  • @armyforlife3191
    He’s not dumb or stupid, he’s goofy and one of a kind. You’ll never get bored and every day will be an adventure 🥺😭💜
  • @morganbarr4493
    Watching him play with the cat made me actually cry,I love pit bulls.It hurts to think people make them fight each other.
  • @foggylegg6362
    He is actually very bright. Chasing the tail is an activity. Keeps from boredom. Good job. Happy puppy despite having a mind numbing start.
  • @rpittillo
    I would love to share a lifetime of laughs and cuddles with Duncan ( and Coco). ❤️👏🐾
  • @freckledfox7308
    He isn't dumb just quirky. A lot of pitties have quirks and this is what makes them so unique.
  • @davidmata4786
    Such a beautiful dog with so much personality.. Dude is actually conversing and communicating with you in his own way and it's so interesting to see him and his eyes convey so much emotion.. I think he's low key brilliant with some very crazy quirks that are hilarious.. That bear water fountain clip is the best.. All I can say is you're a great mom and these two precious babies are lucky to have you.