Woman's adopted dog turns out to be not too bright. But he delivers on laughs.

Published 2022-04-03
Woman's adopted dog turns out to be not too bright. But he delivers on making her laugh.

Check out Duncan's story: www.instagram.com/duncan_loves_coco/
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All Comments (21)
  • Raging Raichu
    He's not dumb, just has a super unique personality!
  • Richard Garrin
    I LOVE him. He's got personality - - not dumb, just let's everyone know how he feels about things. <3 <3
  • John Dugan
    Man, he's awesome! So blessed he came into your life. I'm happy for both of you.
  • Bernice Lupo
    He is a gem. You made the greatest decision ever. And I wish I had a dog like Duncan.
  • Brissieskater1
    Duncan has a unique personality. Society in general is too busy putting labels on people and animals, though at times the labels are just too harsh and judgemental. The narrator forgets the labels and just lets Duncan be the real character that he is and to be quite honest, his light is being one very bright and smart personality within the body of a pooch.
  • David Mata
    Such a beautiful dog with so much personality.. Dude is actually conversing and communicating with you in his own way and it's so interesting to see him and his eyes convey so much emotion.. I think he's low key brilliant with some very crazy quirks that are hilarious.. That bear water fountain clip is the best.. All I can say is you're a great mom and these two precious babies are lucky to have you.
  • Darshan Dani
    Absolutely loved the owner’s narration. The way she noticed and observed things in a great detail about him, intelligent yet emotional. The way she put it into words, eloquent yet polite.
  • Melinda Nix
    I think Duncan is super amazing & super smart . Love that you saved him from his super 'ruff ' life..no telling the horrors he endured. Rain & snow may have kept him alive before ,due to thirst. He appreciates every blessing ! Thank you!
  • Sarah Renfrow
    I’m so glad he found someone to love him. He’s a sweetheart.
  • Nancy Patancy
    Nothing dumb about Duncan, he’s got personality in spades. We should all be so lucky to have a Duncan.
  • Georgia Fan
    He’s adorable. Love the talkers. Nice to see a dog and cat get along in a home. Nice video. ❤🐕
  • BKM
    Beautiful story, Duncan is one very unique doggie, and he now has a hooman who loves him forever.
  • Win Phan
    a dog with such personality and to be able to make you laugh often, that’s a forever keeper
  • Being so perceptive as you say he is, that is a type of intelligence that many people don't have. Also, I feel like animals are better at communicating with us than we are with them. 🐕♥️
  • Jesse Davis
    He’s bad at catching treats but perfect at catching hearts ♥️ ❤️❤️
  • Yvonne Poleto
    So happy he’s rescued to a wonderful life, and no longer suffering at the hands of the low-life(s) he unfortunately endured before. God bless you and all the animals you rescue. Duncan is adorable, precious and deserves a great life with good people and his cat
  • Cornelia Webb
    He’s a sweet, pure spirit. He obviously enjoys making you happy. Such a blessing to give him a chance at a normal life. ❤️
  • Janet Dear
    🤧 wow he's gorgeous and so is Coco, bless you for saving them, sorry for the lost of your other cat and dog, may they both rest in peace, 🙏 great video thanks 🖤
  • freckled fox
    He isn't dumb just quirky. A lot of pitties have quirks and this is what makes them so unique.
  • Ian Hotson
    Well that certainly made me smile, thanks kind of needed that today! Long Live Coco and Duncan!