Basics of Urban Combat Survival and Assault Pack Setup

Published 2022-04-17
Survival / Recce / Assaulting, we're going hard on these guys and Pt 1 of the Basics of Urban Combat Survival and Assault Pack Setup is the first of a very large series exploring this topic in conjunction with our becoming deadly in the mountains series. We hope you enjoys these topics as they start of basic. We won't be able to teach you everything you need to know in this first video. It will take many. Stay tuned for more and keep the comment section spicy.

00:00 Urban Survival video begins :)
00:26 My qualifications to teach Urban Survival
01:00 Misconceptions of Urban Survival
01:49 Scenario for Urban Combat Survival
04:00 Your environment for Urban Survival will dictate your setup
04:30 Camouflage in Urban Survival?
06:00 Basics of Assault Packs for Urban Survival
07:25 most important piece of kit for Urban Survival, Situational Awareness
08:49 Stop, Look, Listen, Smell, in Urban Survival
11:42 Urban Survival Combat Assault Pack Setup
12:06 Urban Survival Assault Pack, HYDRATION
16:12 Urban Survival Assault Pack, MISSION ESSENTIAL GEAR
18:16 Urban Survival Assault Pack, FOOD
19:05 Urban Survival Assault Pack, ENTRY AND EXIT TOOLS (lock picks, breaching shotguns)
22:11 Urban Survival Assault Pack, SHELTER
23:45 Urban Survival Assault Pack, CLOTHING / LAYERS
25:10 Urban Survival Assault Pack, MEDICAL AND MISC ITEMS


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All Comments (21)
  • Chris Golden
    This is the first video I've seen where Garand Thumb was that serious and passionate about a subject. Thank you G.T for the years of knowledge
  • I wish there were larger groups of people who can learn stuff like this. I want to find a place that me as a civilian who cant get into the military (scoliosis in my back) can learn to be efficent and confident.
  • Colin Stevens
    I just love the fact you talk to civilians like they could be the military in a scenario like this, even if someone hasn't served and you don't look down on people who train for scenarios like this.
  • Derik
    When i was a teenager, before the military, my friends and I would have airsoft wars at night in our neighborhood. We’d split into two teams, get on opposite sides of the neighborhood, then start eliminating each other by any means necessary. Drainage ditches were crucial in movement and observation when we’d see the other team. Fun times and good memories.
  • Austin Huber
    A booboo product that everyone should use is wound seal. It can literally replace so many things in your kit. Doesn't quite take the place of wound packing, but it can stand in for virtually any band-aid, many instances requiring sutures, and quick clot. It's a metallic powder that you dump onto a bleeding wound and press for 30 seconds and viola, you have a metallic scab stronger than your skin.
  • K Dan
    One thing I would personally bring, at least on cold weather missions, is a lighter. Preferably a butane torch. I was never military, though when I was a security guard, they really helped with frozen locks. Butane torches can melt ice on a lock in a few seconds compared to maybe 30 seconds to a minute with a regular lighter.
  • Sean Mercer
    If you’ve ever tried to “survive” in the city, but ended up in the county jail, go ahead and hit that subscribe button
  • Jerad Hoffman
    The fresh socks advice is severely underrated. I got sidetracked and kept my boots on for two and a half days one time. The pain is surprising. Fortunately, I was able to wash, dry and put on fresh socks and boots, and it cleared up immediately. I literally couldn’t walk though.
  • David
    It’s impossible to not like this guy. Love all his content. Strong work GT
  • Able Sentry
    You know, even being a UK resident and a vigilant, critical one, this channel is a lifesaver of sanity and "situational awareness". The times they are a-changing indeed. I love this channel and it's family. Gives me hope for those of us that said "no" and stayed true to ourselves.
  • I hope this series continues, as a civilian it has been very educational and has helped me see the world in a new light, and I hope to start investing once I have the income to afford gear. If you do continue this sort of thing, I would like to know your thoughts on a great plains survival strategy in this same situation. This goes for anyone in the comment section as well, how would you handle being in a place like Nebraska, Kansas, Iowa or the Dakotas?
  • Justin Taylor
    Tips for using filters: The Sawyer filters in the video (the squeeze is better than the mini btw), have the same threads as most garden hoses as well as Smart Water brand disposable water bottles. When I go backpacking, I use a gallon ziplock bag to get water out of shallow sources and pour it into the Smart Water bottles. I then screw the Sawyer Squeeze filter directly onto the top of the water bottle and drink directly from the filter. That way, I only filter as I go. It's very quick.
  • Pro tips from an ex US Army mechanized infantryman, and 20yr PI in an urban environment:
    you can pull the white string out of a USGI bandoleer, and it opens the pocket up to the dimensions needed to put a 30rd mag in there. So my suggestion, if you are going to carry a USGI bandoleer, fill it with 4x 30rd mags instead of stripper clip ammo. The weight is virtually identical, it's only very slightly more bulky, and the ammo is much quicker to get into action if needed.
    The safety pin on a USGI bandoleer is so that you can adjust the bandoleer length as needed to sling it snugly around your body.
    Caffiene pills are your friend
    anti diarrheal pills WILL save your life
    Foot powder is your friend
    amoxicillin (fish mox forte, non prescription) capsules are your friend and can absolutely save your life
    NEVER stand in windows. If observing out a window, do so from a distance of at least six and preferably 10 feet in the room.
    NEVER silhouette yourself against the skyline, for any reason, ever.
    Rechargeable batteries and a 20w foldable solar panel/power pack can greatly extend your window of operational effectiveness.
    Keep in mind that thermal cannot see through glass. Using your poncho, debris/cover an etool and an OD green space blanket you can make an effective thermal vision blind. There are many videos on youtube showing how. These items also form the basis of an effective shelter system, when combined with a poncho liner.
    An etool is not just a digging tool, it is also an impromptu breeching tool, hand to hand weapon, and most importantly: A super lightweight portable folding seat.
    Fritos corn chips have super high caloric density, and are fantastic firestarters. Crush a pound of fritos into little pieces, and put it in ziplock bags in your pockets or pack.
    A set of basic lock picks and a bogata rake can get you in many doors without being detected. This advice was added by someone else farther down in the comments section
    Keep a 6x or greater laser range finder monocle on you for target identification surveillance and ranging.
    Download the free ballistic calculator STRELOK, and figure out the dope for your specific weapon and round of choice. Memorize them to 500 yards.
    An automatic centerpunch will get you through most glass and windows instantly.
    A 6" mechanics pry bar is very compact and very strong. You can pry open a shocking amount of urban doors with one. Do not cheap out on this. Get a quality snap on, Mac Tools or Matco prybar. The cheap ones bend and the handles break.
    Strive for a total loadout weight no more than 20% of your total bodyweight, and 15% is even better. Select your gear the same way an ultralight hiker does. Most US citizens are terribly out of shape and most LARPers will be heat or RSI casualties within 24 hours of the initiation of an actual SHTF situation.
  • imrcuddles
    You can cauterize a wound with gunpowder from a bullet if you carry a lighter. Moss or something wet around the wound will prevent you from burning the surrounding area. You can also use the lighter to smoke crack for +10000 energy and +1500 damage resistance
  • John Williams
    I never used to worry much, but now that I'm a single dad with a 5yr old son I think about it all the time. What will I do? Where will I go. How can I pack for both of us? How much ammo can I carry? How hard will it be to find food? I have more guns and gear than I can carry, but I have to take care of my son above all else.
  • John Williams
    The best vid I've watched in a very long time. Thank you!
  • John Brady
    Sure question the thermal device that you had there in your pack was it a PVS 14 or what kind was it thank you JB
  • Charlister
    Bet you were one hell of a SERE instructor
  • Jacob Williams
    Urban water source that I think gets overlooked is water heaters. Buildings might be destroyed but most basements should be fine, every building has one.

    Edit: for clarity, every building has a water heater, some buildings have basements, and I never said not to purify, but it's guaranteed cleaner than any urban pond or spillway.
  • What would be a good gear list for a 12 year old boy who lives in the Tennessee suburbs?