Using Proximity Chat to Help People in Warzone 2 #shorts

Published 2022-11-21
Using Proximity Chat to Help People in Warzone 2:

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All Comments (21)
  • M E
    This man, right here, single handedly saved me hopes for wwarzone
  • Grimmy
    I was ina duo game by myself and wanted to team up with some random guys, I told em I was friendly they said they were friendly but when we met they instantly shot me, a man of no word is no man at all 😡
  • Hodge_LTA
    Man, every time I try to talk with someone in prox chat they just shoot me, but I see all these youtubers just meeting the nicest people
  • When you said go in the building I thought the explosion was you killing him
  • I was in a outhouse just camping with a shotgun and some poor dude opened the door and just let loose on him. Thankfully for proximity chat, he asked me to let him go. Which I did and he kept calling me the GOAT. I felt good the entire day afterwards.
  • Jaffareh
    I thought dude was gonna die then hear “that’s how you get xp.”
  • Andromedon
    Thought you were gonna blast him at the end XD
  • Ramen Raven
    Imagine meeting him again at the end of the game and it's a 1v1
  • Using prox chat in DMZ is the best. I was in a middle of a fight with AQ and a squad ran by shouting “We’re just passing by!” repeatedly while getting shot at by AQ.

    Another time I thought I picked up a HVY contract, turns out I picked up a bounty, and told my targets that I didn’t want to kill them and they were free to go. Gotta say, prox chat is 10/10
  • Lucky Logan
    If you spam buy armor plates it’ll also give a ton of XP
  • Selmer Lane
    First vid I've seen where the guy says "friendly" and is actually friendly
  • Beckysnipes
    Bro id love to come across u cus then im gonna feel secure cuz ur a chill guy
  • Fard Imposter
    With proximity chat I’ve meet some funny, wholesome, amazing people on warzone
  • Yida Vilified
    Aye bro even tho the toxicity be funny this video was dope
  • tollygr
    I wish i would have players like this
    The other day i knocked someone and in prox chat he was begging for his life
    Dont worry i let him live
  • iforgor
    Saudi arabia has left the chat