My Brother's First Day In Germany!

Published 2022-02-02

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  • Der Franz
    To any Germans wondering: the Döner wrap thing which he calls „Yufka“ is also known as „Dürüm“. Yufka nennt man das Fladenbrot, das Gericht heißt Dürüm oder Dürüm-Döner, oder eben Yufka-Döner.
  • Timo Liebethal
    Willkommen in Deutschland, hope your Brother enjoys his new life here in Germany 🎉
  • Yndostrui
    Since the eggs came up: It's perfectly safe to keep eggs unrefrigerated, as long as they aren't washed. If they do get refrigerated, they need to keep being refrigerated.
    Eggs in the US are both washed and refrigerated, so... you'll need to keep them refrigerated.
    In Germany, they are neither, so it's up to the customer whether they want to keep their eggs in the fridge or not.
  • # cadeeja
    Nice outro interpretation, Mikey ^^

    I wonder when EVER Americans will realize that German cities do not look like Disneyland, but Disneyland looks like German resp. European cities (we were there first, duh!) :D
  • Prinz Peng!
    I admire Mikey's huge self-consciousness despite his haircut.
  • Wow! I am thoroughly impressed about your brother‘s German! He will adjust in no time! To share everything with him must be a thrill for you, Nick!
  • Nightwatchman Sven
    Welcome to Germany, Mikey and welcome back, Nick. I‘m looking forward to see you guys in action 🏈
  • nEvergreen .Terence
    Best introduction to Germany, eine Butterbrezen und ein Döner. Well done now he's addicted.
  • Budha75
    I like your brothers positive vibe despite the mullet 😄

    How is he handling an older brother who wants to share new experiences with him constantly?
  • EarMaster55
    I don't think it will take long until Mikey speaks better German than his brother who is living in Germany for years now…
  • Man, you are so proud... absolutely love this one! Welcome to Germany stay healthy and thanks Mikey, for your outro-melody... you nailed it! 😅🤣
  • Michael Gebauer
    The story with the Döner Kebab reminds me of a visit to the USA. My then young son was totally thrilled when we ordered pasta in an Italian restaurant: Great, finally German food ;-)
  • Joe Riedler
    Have a great time in Schwäbisch Hall, Mikey .Sure your brother will show you around. Have a great season with the Unicorns and hopefully a lot of success.
  • HipHopGuru
    Welcome guys. Really hope your brother will enjoy his time over here. Can't wait for the first season of the brand new Two Alfieri's in Germany series 😅
  • Lauren in Germany
    Mikey has a „Vokuhila“ haircut. Said Foe-coo-hee-lah. It means „vorne kurz, hinten lang“. Very wholesome video, I have never seen Nick look so happy. Willkommen in Deutschland Mikey, I hope you love it here!
    P.s. the best Brezel I have ever had were in Memmingen. Like you can’t believe. Perfect.
  • Jana
    Welcome back! And Mikey : A wonderful first time here in Germany 🇩🇪
  • Stuart M.
    A sentence from "Ode to Joy" in Beethoven's Ninth Symphony jumps to mind: "Laufet, Brüder, eure Bahn, freudig, wie ein Held zum Siegen!" I wish Mikey and Nick great success this season and forever.
  • obenohnebohne
    What I love about your videos, is the little details. That transition in the beginning, for example. And it is so cool to see you teaching your brother from an inside perspective and outside perspective.
  • RS Maier
    Wow, Mikey has a very good pronunciation. He will pick up the language fairly quickly (if he does not stick around with you all the time ,-) Have fun!