Minecraft but I can Buy Armor

Published 2023-03-17

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  • misa bito
    Miss the good old days when Craftee actually Crafts.
  • Watching his videos brighten up my day. Thanks for the amazing content
  • "brings a whole new challenge to the game!"
    also craftee: doesnt have to do diddly damn squat as 57 chesters tbags the enderdragon's corpse
  • Bryder77Gaming
    Anyone remember when craftee loved to use tnt? Good old days! He’s still amazing now tho!
  • Fellxw
    Dude somehow manages to sound like frieza
  • Redstocat
    1:57 I think that you are victime of the "zombie invasion" event, this evenement can only apppen in village with 20 villager and 30 doors, also, the nomber of door in a village control the fact if iron golem spawn or not, the max population of natural villager and this event
  • Allan West
    Keep up the great content. Your the best crafty.
  • Ozgod2.0
    All I need to say is, how the heck are you suppose to get all that armour??
  • Zabiha Awang
    I always love your video dude. It always fun.
  • Jack Andren
    just casually being hit 7 times by one punch man, thats normal
  • The Caretaker
    That venomous spider was like a cave spider but like 10 times as dangerous
  • ninjago dude
    I am a little confused, for something to be venomous, it has to bite you, but for something to be poisonous, it is bad to touch. I'm minecraft, you get the poison erect from some spiders when they bite you, not when you touch them. I like how you call them venomous.
  • gamezee
    i like how the zombie isn't taking damage with sun