This woman adopted a judgmental chihuahua. And got what she deserved.

Published 2022-05-24
This woman adopted a judgmental chihuahua. And got what she deserved.

Check out Tina's story:
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All Comments (21)
  • I love videos like this where a small dog isn't being antagonized to the point of snapping! We need more of that!
  • @tpeterson9140
    I'm a dude who wanted to get a dog for years. Looked into all of the breeds. Even thought about a Pitbull. Never ever thought of getting a Chihuahua. Randomly I ended up with one and now I absolutely love this little guy so much that I had to get another one. So now I'm a single dude in his 30s with 2 chihuahuas. Lmao. I love them.
  • @GrettaGangrene
    "She's mine now.. I wish that time would just slow down so I could love her longer..." probably the most beautiful poetic thing I've heard in a long time
  • Tina’s a TYPICAL chihuahua. Her “quirks” are exactly why I fell in love with Chihuahuas. People assume I got my dogs from breeders but that’s not the case.

    If you have a passion for a certain breed of dog, you can indulge via rescue. I adopted an 8 year old senior special needs chihuahua, sight unseen; I admit i was nervous that I might not bond with him as deeply as I have with younger dogs. The only difficulty I had was that I only had 8 years with him. I miss him every day even though I lost him years ago. I now have 2 elderly chihuahuas & I have two youngsters. All boys. They are my family.
  • "I never wanted a chihuahua before," says most fans of the breed after they get one. No one really starts out wanting a tiny house goblin. But, once you have one it's so hard not to love them so much. I was the exact same way but, when it came time where I was looking for a dog, research showed it was the best fit for my space and lifestyle. I went with the wisdom of what research suggested and it was the best decision I've ever made. Now I'm a chipin mom.
  • @ARiddle1986
    I fully believe dogs have a wisdom that goes far beyond human understanding. You're not replacing the pup you lost, you are opening your heart to a new baby. Beebs and Tina have it all worked out. :)
  • @petmaloo7330
    I love it everytime she calls "Tina!" then a tiny creature suddenly appears from who knows where😅🥰
  • @sarina76667
    My roommate’s chihuahua was like this. Her personality took over the whole house. Between her and my cat, they were the 2 biggest personalities in the house. The energy in the house hasn’t recovered from losing them even though the other cat, the cockatiel and the tortoise are trying their best to fill those shoes. That chihuahua and my big male cat…those 2 were really something special.
  • @haskellbob
    The story of you telling Tina all about Beebs is very moving and beautiful. You ought to write a song about it.
  • It's not often that I smile, laugh, and cry over a single video. I recently experienced something of a loss, myself, and seeing these two find happiness in each other was really special. It gives me hope that I'll be okay.
  • @bodhiswayze1892
    I totally get what she’s saying. I lost my 3 elderly dogs within a year (they were 14, 15 & 20!) I was so devastated, I needed another animal in my life, and I ended up with a cat! I talk to her every day and tell her about my dogs. It helps so much, I’m not even remotely embarrassed! Lol❤️
  • @sofalvarez
    I used to “hate” chihuahuas but suddenly I started loving them so much, I can’t believe how blind I was, they’re so freaking funny 💘
  • @markmurto
    Yes you do feel "so guilty" when they die. Like their spirit is hung around your neck. A pit in your heart feeling. Your best friend you couldn't save. And replacing her, it seems impossible. My Chloe was 4 pounds of absolute love just like this little one. She travelled everywhere, ate everywhere, and was carried like a queen. Her fur was perfectly alligned like a stuffed toy. Her eyes were always on you with adoration. She knew even how to put her shirts on. And she always had a poopy butt after that needed tending, so she would tell me when she "got stuck" and "needed help" with her little problem. She was so little and dependent. Time went too fast for sure. This one is 9 and looks good! Still has teeth?! So love love love. As a man, my missing Chloe is not ending. I used to criticize Mark Levin for crying over his dog, and nearly losing his mind over a dog. But the power of even this tiny little chihuahua to fill you with joy is huge. These are full featured living little souls that truly have God's touch.
  • "I wish time would slow down so I could love her a little longer."
    We all wish for more time with our fur babies.
  • @917hazel
    Live this story, and both pooch and mom. I have adopted three senior chihuahuas and not over feeding them, addressing the parasite issue extends their lives and has made their last years way more pleasurable for them and us.
  • @lisadee5039
    Also, dying at the tiny pancake! 😂These two are a comedy duo
  • We had a 3lb Chihuahua who passed away in Aug 2019, she was glued to my wife from the time she came home till she died in my wife's arms. She acted more like a child then a dog. Had to find somewhere to hide to do her business and wouldn't do anything till you turned your back. Had to wear clothes outside wouldn't go out "naked". When she didn't want to listen she would put up her law and then her head away. She was so spoiled but so we're we for having her in our life for ten years.
  • @Cruznick06
    The tiny harness clipped into a basket that is secured with a seat belt is wonderful. It makes me so happy to see animals properly secured and safe in vehicles. Also the tiny life jacket is so cuuuute.
  • A personality unique in all the universe. Just too dang cute. Her previous mom must have treated her well.