God of War Ragnarok - Part 1

Published 2022-11-08

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  • Jonny Sins
    Only people who didn't come from tiktok are allowed to like this
  • Lumina Moon
    When Kratos found out that the bear he defeated was Atreus and he panicked, almost thinking he killed another child of his is just so heart-wrenching to think about.
  • Alridium
    I don't think Sean noticed it, but at 59:25 when Odin is about to put his hand on Atreus... Kratos reaches for his axe without a moment of hesitation. He was dam well ready to fight Thor and Odin right then and there just to keep him safe. Such a small detail but means so much for Kratos's growth.
  • "You seem like a calm and reasonable person" .......that line absolutely hit me. I also like how they designed the æsir. They did darn good.
  • Beanblaster4
    Hearing Kratos say "I don't need a snack" is the funniest thing so far
  • waddlespire
    Watching that opening cutscene again, I just can't get over how well these guys can portray emotion through silence and body language alone. It's some powerful stuff.
  • Benjaminj45
    Jacksepticeye playing video games for 2 hours with no live chat and no other distractions is my safe space. Takes me back to being like 14 when things didn’t matter
  • My favorite part? The nearly-audible eye roll from Kratos after he's told, "things are always brighter in the morning."
  • Vinny Teschler
    Fun fact, the reason why Kratos calls Artreus boy so often in the first Dad of Boy is because they hadn't thought of his name until the end, when they finally thought of the perfect name.
  • Just came back from watching clips from jacks previous series. I found a part when atreaus finds out about kratos and he asks "can i turn into animals?" Kratos- "no i do not think so"
  • VacuousSaturn
    About three months ago, I had to put down my own dog, and to be honest I’m still not completely over it. So when the scene with Fenrir came, it hit me like a truck and actually got me to shed a couple of tears. The dog not eating anything but still showing love and some energy, knowing it’s time for them to go even if you don’t want them to… It hurts, it hurts so much. I miss you Louisa, hope you’re doing good wherever you are.
  • Kratos answering questions and actually talking is so nice to hear after the last games progression. I'm glad they didn't just reset his character progression
  • Pham kha
    Not a whole lot of people that originated as a meme go on to remain so successful and get even more popular. It's been a fantastic trip seeing this channel grow more and more, and it never ceases to amaze me how a community can be so cursed and so wholesome at the same time. Doing fantastic work man, keep it up o7 :O :
  • Clarence Walsh
    You can tell that the voice actors are having a blast with these characters.
  • Yardstiick
    Really appreciate the seamless cuts that skip sections of combat where not much is happening, I almost didn't even notice the one at 1:29:03. Whoever the editor is for your videos deserves some serious recognition
  • RedneckFarmer
    Odin has so much control over the situation at the start, it’s insane to see now that I watch someone else play it
  • Shadophaxx
    Out of the gate, the nod to Atreus being Loki with the antlers framing his silhouette, as well as him raising a wolf named Fenrir, I'm hooked already