Amazing Clownfish Teamwork | Blue Planet II | BBC Earth

Published 2021-07-17
A family of saddleback clownfish have found an excellent home, however, they need a place to lay their eggs.


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Taken From Blue Planet II
This bold cinematic experience takes viewers on a magical adventure across the greatest, yet least known, parts of our planet – our oceans. Since Blue Planet aired in 2001, our understanding of life beneath the waves has completely changed. Travelling from the icy polar seas to the vibrant blues of the coral atolls, this series shares these astonishing new discoveries. Meet the strange octopuses lurking in the depths of the Antarctic Ocean. Watch giant trevally fish leap to catch birds in mid-air. And ride on the back of a hammerhead shark as it attacks. Inspiring awe and wonder, Blue Planet II reveals surprising new places, charismatic new characters and extraordinary new behaviours.

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All Comments (21)
  • For a minute, I thought I was watching a short-film as soon as it ended it left me cliffhanging. Now, I’m wanting a sequel where clownfish babies are hatched.
  • @BirdWatchingCat
    These videos are such an inspiration for anyone who likes to photograph wildlife. How amazing is the work done here ❤
  • @iwasglad122
    As an old man, I watched this with the wide-eyed fascination of a child. Absolutely wonderful!
  • I found this little family astonishing , it's such a privilege to be able to see these creatures thriving.
  • Not only is the behavior of these fish incredible, but being able to hear their clicking noises and vocalizations with this footage is very special to me. I never knew the range of sounds fish are capable of making.
  • @scribbles1424
    I never knew they were so intelligent. That's some crafty thinking with the shell.
  • @ambujkn
    Kudos to the BBC Blue Planet team for capturing such nature's miraculous life events in such captivating detail. This definitely inspires us even more to respect and protect nature.
  • @sokka47
    Just a reminder, these footages doesn't come easily.
    Yeah, they have high tech but remember what you're seeing is the result of very passionate people's work.
  • @blueeyes6852
    This symbiotic relationship is amazing. I had no idea clown fish were so deliberate. They're really no different than say a bird, making a nest!
    Amazing intelligence!
    Love the channel❣ Thank you! 🐙🐚🦂
  • @Pumpkintiti
    To me these clown fish are exceptional wow! His dedication, his love for her goes beyond!
    I learned something new today so far.
  • @Guydude777
    Honestly, how anyone can capture this kind of footage baffles me.
  • @JW-mg1sk
    The only sad part of this footage is the perennial plastic water bottle that made its way to an ocean.
    Everything else about this peek into these fish is just superb and utterly inspiring.
  • @bridge4
    that final shot where we see the eggs with eyes is wild
  • @Aaron-hh6uh
    How they manage to get this footage is amazing you could probably wait 100 years and never see something like this again.
  • @lNOMAK
    The creator work never fails to amaze me. Absolutely beautiful!
  • @BiswasPrantik
    Absolutely incredible! And Sir David's narration makes it even more interesting... You're a master storyteller, take a bow Sir 🙏
  • This is amazing!! No words to describe and appriciate the effort of all the people who were behind this masterpiece. ❤️
  • @michaeltan8743
    If more ppl watched this more would care for our planet
  • @Mediocre_JT
    It's so amazing how every aquatic creature has their own special way to defend themselves.
  • It's always about team work and helping each other. So cute 🥰