Addiction | 3D Animation Short Film

Published 2022-06-17
"Addiction" is a 3D animation short film that portrays the story of a young teenage girl who is addicted to her handphone. Kayla, a 12 years old girl, after obtaining her first mobile phone in her life, was addicted to it. She spent all of her time using it which eventually causes her lost attention to the other events occurring. Throughout this 6 minutes short animation, it is hoped to increase the awareness of the issue of mobile addiction among teenagers.

Hi, I am Ngu Yong Xian, a final year student from Digital Media Technology, I am currently working on my final year project entitled "The impact of cinematography, audio, and color tone on 3D animation". The purpose of this survey is to measure and investigate the impact of each of the elements (including cinematography technique, color grading, and audio) in 3D animation. Before you answer the survey provided, do ensure that you have watched the 3D animation short film "Addiction" created for this project.

After viewing the animation "Addiction", please help me to fill in the questionnaire provided. Below is the link for the questionnaire.…

Your honest response is much appreciated and thank you for your participation.


1. This project is only for educational purposes.
2. The characters are downloaded from fRigging Awesome Studio and animschool.

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  • that`s an iconic work, I hope it will have recognisation and go viral soon, I really love the final message. Phone decreases our level of communication skills
  • singsong girl
    Powerful and heartrending. If only young people would learn from this. It should be shown in classrooms all over the country! And there are plenty of adults who are also addicted to their phones.
  • Laxmipriya Nayak
    I was happy to see this positive ending..if anything would have happened to her dad, that would have made me cry
  • Alo Ryt
    Bardzo pouczający film 👍
  • A.Sanusi Nazareth
    I learn a lot from this film. Well, I'm so sure that the creator has smooth heart and very kind team. Great Job!!!
  • wocmultimedia
    Great work! Go on creating such wonderful videos!
  • Nabia Sajid
    I love this video. I couldn't imagine that it might happened like this in the end.
    Amazing video 👌💥❤️
  • Payel
    In my opinion, everything has its good & bad. Why neglect the good just because of the bad? Paying attention to People is important. But what if that person is too far physically & this Phone is the only one to connect us ❤📱
  • Kamini Singh
    This looks so similar to one small step! Nice!
  • Большое благо не мобильный телефон, а умение пользоваться им во благо!
  • Sony Kumari
    I love message
    Thank you for this beautiful animation
  • Before mobile phone 🤳.....
    We were the masters of Time. ⏰
    We had control over our Life.
    After mobile phone 🤳 ......
    We are the slaves of Time. ⏰
    We have lost control over our Life.
  • Umida Halilova
    When I read the title, I was guessing it’s about phones…
  • Sonia Lilly
    Here's me watching this on my phone lol