Canada's White Wolves: Ghosts Of The Arctic | 4K Wildlife Documentary | Real Wild

Published 2021-09-02
At Canada's northernmost edge lies a remote and barren wilderness: Ellesmere Island. There, a family of Arctic wolves is raising a litter of pups within an unforgiving environment. This stunning 4K documentary transports viewers to one of the far corners of Planet Earth for an intimate look at the relationships and the highly choreographed social and hunting rituals that allow the pack to survive.

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White Wolves: Ghosts Of The Artic | 4K Nature Documentary | Real Wild

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All Comments (21)
  • Bryan
    Damn. I won't forget the story of Black Spot. Stood post protecting her family until she literally starved. Even dying, she fed the pups who weren't her blood. A true soldier.
  • The Last Messiah
    how that one wolf rolled over to submit to the other gang of wolves yet they still killed him. Seeing the pain and the light leave his eyes is something that breaks my heart.
  • fasx56
    Quality and substance of this Documentary are excellent. WE thank the film crew and Editor of this Video for producing such a detailed study into the Arctic Wolf behavior. Living in the Arctic to film the Wolf Packs would not be easy in the Summer let alone the winter. For the Editor, is it possible that Black Spot died of a Disease rather than starving to death.
  • Wow, this is really incredible to watch. I would have killed to see stuff like this when I was a kid. I remember how excited I was at a little snippet on PBS about tracking red wolves with radio collars, and how disappointed I was at how short the bit was.
  • Erik L
    Amazing documentary and amazing photography. Have no clue how was this video executed, I can guess using drawn photography, but still there must be an operator nearby 24/7. As for the story of the pack, it was heart breaking. Wolves, as much as they seem (to me) so cute, huggable, and amazing animals, must have their own behavioral codes, and can be deadly to one another. I mean, it was heart breaking to see that poor wolf member being wounded and left to die, obviously he was submissive; so could a get-out-of-here warning be suffice? There was no really need to injure him to death. Then there is BlackSpot they have been using until drained to death, like a slave of no merit. If she did die of starvation, they probably knew it will be (as they know and sense anything, much more than we humans), but probably as she was from a different pack ("immigrant") they did not care much for her, they let her raise and nurture the pups, and then goodbye. Tough to watch; but there is nature, what do we humans really know about?
  • K Male
    It's truly amazing that anything can survive in that environment.
  • Sergei Merjeevski
    utterly stunning production, the raw detail of the struggle females go through to start a family and the competition with other packs is just poignant and intense. Thank you!
  • Jonarsh Medhi
    This documentary realize me that how life is so difficult and hard to live in our mother nature🌿.... It's a amazing documentary thanks for give us this kind of knowledge
  • Juli Vandiver
    Black Spot's is possibly the saddest story I've ever heard. So many tears! And then tears again at the end with the howling. That was just beautiful!
  • Wykeisha Craft
    Awe the pups are so adorable and i love watching nature channels. Wolves are wild animals but still are cute will protect their cubs from other creatures and predators. 😊
  • Arctic man
    I’ve worked in eureka before and the wolves pass right through camp almost daily. One guy even pet one named one eye because his other eye was scared. They are harmless and pass right through scouting for musk ox. I’ve seen them chase Hare too but with no success.
  • Ahmet Kabatepe
    Mükemmel bir belgesel, kendinizi doğanın içinde hissediyorsunuz. Belgesel ekinin ellerine sağlık. Sevgi ve saygıyı hakediyor.
  • Chasmal Forest.
    I love documentaries that embrace and accept the brutality of nature. It goes to show just how difficult like in the wild can be.
  • Ellie Hannah
    Absolutely heart wrenching - the lone female wolf losing her offspring. And God bless you, Black Spot. I don’t understand her relationship to the pack and her drive to nurse others’ offspring to the point of her demise. The documentary does not really offer any insight. It’s awful 😞 how badly wolves treat each other.
  • Shadow Wolf
    Thanks for posting this. Wolves are fascinating creatures!
  • Y
    so heart breaking what happened to black spot... how could they share zero food with her when she was protecting and feeding the pups x.x
  • Beautiful documentary. Well filmed and narrated and on top of that no people insisting to insert themselves in the documentary.
  • stacks$
    I absolutely love these nature programs
  • harmoni
    They are unbelievably gorgeous animals. I statred to crying just came on this page/ heard name black spot... She is an awesome wolf!
  • TruVlogTv
    This was a beautiful documentary well put together in high-quality