We Need To Prepare NOW...

Published 2024-02-10

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  • @loridaniels2322
    It's crazy to think that I have watched you all from almost the beginning... through the other two pregnancies and now this one. Beautiful family. ❤️
  • @HeikeWoolard
    You should put the plywood underneath the slats so the mattress can still breathe and you don't end up with mold or mildew.
  • Having airflow on the bottom of the mattress helps the moisture dry out and prevent mold. Something to watch out for. Love you guys!
  • @tinawilson4240
    It's been 3 weeks since this last video. I am praying that everything and everyone is doing well. Hope to see y'alls next adventure soon. ❤❤❤
  • This couple and their family are delightfully refreshing, unapologetic for living life “their way” and a healthy example of relationship with “grace and love” as they navigate day-to-day life. Oh, yeah- and they’re just a joy to watch.
  • @jimwalker76
    You two are about to roll up on 1.5 M subscribers. I remember when the two of you were so excited when you were about to reach 5 thousand subscribers. How far you've come. What a beautiful family you've made, and such a beautiful home you've built. I'm so proud and happy for all of you.
  • @cabman86
    That is a beautiful baby belly! We have 7 kids, 13 grand kids and 6 great grand kids. I love how the little ones help their daddy.
  • I was hoping someone mentioned that you need ventilation in the plywood. Especially if it’s a memory foam mattress. It will mold.
  • @kathyk9519
    Gosh! I think you need to add a master bedroom and bathroom to your existing home with a huge closet, probably two or three!. Oh my! You really need more room.Your home is so beautiful too!
  • @lynnlewis4320
    I sure hope all is well and you are just bonding w/new baby ❤
  • @cblue4110
    This video is cracking me up! The part with the mattress is too funny! Love you guys!
  • @user-ch2wn3dq2d
    You can add a nice big lidded basket to the bottom of your two nightstands for extra storage. It's especially good for diapers, wipes, etc. because you can just grab the whole thing and move it around the house.
  • You are gonna need ventilation between the mattres and the plywood sheet, or you are going to have mold pretty fast. Usually you need to drill a bunch of holes in the plywood sheet, but that defeats the purpose of keeping dirt out. I would put the plywood sheets under the slats and see how that goes. I have made several beds with plywood sheets and learned the hard way how much ventilation is needed.
  • @lesleybee28
    Kenzie, Spencer...it's been a while. Please let us know yous are OK. Reading about the wildfires in Texas😢 ....from a concerned subscriber in Scotland, UK ❤❤
  • @melissaking3931
    I hope everything is ok , it’s been 2 weeks and I know it could be for many reasons but I just worry ! Love watching! Xxx
  • @richardplass8453
    Northerner tip, store adhesives and such in warm place before use...
  • @Hollybank5
    This growing family needs storage space! ! Spencer has a lot of things on the ‘ honey- do ‘ list while Mom is in nesting mode 🙏