Dope Tech: Boston Dynamics Robot Dog!

Published 2020-08-10

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  • so... I kinda wanna see the cooling system inside.
    Would spot consent to an autopsy? non-consensual is fine too.
  • @sosurim
    As a disabled person, I just gotta ask: Are they planning anything for people who don't have use of their legs? Or will it be just for NASA and the military? My God, if I just have two working legs in this bipedal world, I can say f*** cars, f*** bicycles, even airplanes. I'll friggin' walk EVERYWHERE. I'll walk from SF to Boston to personally thank the engineers. I'll walk until I'm dead.
  • @lilhonni
    Dang, they should’ve took him to the dog park, I would love to see the dogs reactions! 😂
  • @dankdopths6955
    Seeing how much goes into making something walk, something that most toddlers figure out, really tells you how impressive the body is. You start to realize how complex something as completely mundane as walking is.
  • @bw2903
    Imagine being an uncontacted tribe and you see Spot trawling through the dense jungle.
  • @kated442
    I think it’s super sad that all people talk about is that it’s creepy, because that is awesome and has so many potential applications to make people’s lives better
  • @tarunvravi
    Dope tech in 10 years: This video was actually edited by spot
  • @desther
    What a great achievement. Well done Boston Dynamics, well done!
  • @creeperjones651
    I'm just waiting for when they create a robot duo with a symbiotic relationship. Each one powering and repairing each other.
  • @rexmikakka
    13:10 seems like the scariest part of it to me. with algorithmic scanning, a spot would always notice the smallest changes to its environment. it would be an insanely good detective
  • @IMFGamers
    6:06 it would be amazing that it had a mode for tracking you walking beside him with its side cameras, so you don't have to be controlling him all the time as you walk
  • @thetruth9803
    imagine they built a 10x version of this. that be pretty scary ngl
  • @joenickson2370
    20 minutes of unbox therapy video: Learn absolutely nothing about Spot

    5 minutes of Marques: Basically know all it's features
  • Spot is cute even as an industrial robot 😂
    I sort of felt bad when it fell down too 😅
  • @sanssaco6359
    What can I say, pure genius!!!!! The world has such talented people in it. This robot's movements are so impressive and realistic like a real life animal.
  • @lewis67777
    Fun fact: Space X has their own pet spot called “Zeus” to scout out the area for failures in the rockets as everybody had to stay miles away from the launch.
  • @HotarusLens
    I've seen a lot of Boston Dynamics videos, but I really enjoy the way you give context, details, and explanation of it. Great work, subscribed!
  • @Shine365
    This robot dog is incredible. Boston Dynamics has some cool tech that's outshining the competition.
  • @austinbuck8108
    They always ask, “what is Spot?” They never ask, “how is Spot?”
  • They should eventually start making skins for Spot. Like, maybe in the future get an actual dog costume for it, or with the neck, a dinosaur or something fun.