All 59 Cincinnati Bengals 2021 Touchdowns and Other Gamewinners

Published 2022-01-31
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Week 1 - 9/12/2021 - Vikings at Bengals
0:00: Tee Higgins 2 yard pass from Joe Burrow
0:24: Ja'Marr Chase 50 yard pass from Joe Burrow
1:01: Joe Mixon 2 yard rush
1:27: Evan McPherson 33 yard field goal

Week 2 - 9/19/2021 - Bengals at Bears
1:57: Ja'Marr Chase 42 yard pass from Joe Burrow
2:25: Tee Higgins 7 yard pass from Joe Burrow

Week 3 - 9/26/2021 - Bengals at Steelers
2:46: Tyler Boyd 17 yard pass from Joe Burrow
3:17: Ja'Marr Chase 34 yard pass from Joe Burrow
4:03: Ja'Marr Chase 9 yard pass from Joe Burrow

Week 4 - 9/30/2021 - Jaguars at Bengals
4:31: C.J. Uzomah 22 yard pass from Joe Burrow
5:08: Joe Mixon 1 yard rush
5:40: C.J. Uzomah 31 yard pass from Joe Burrow
6:23: Evan McPherson 35 yard field goal

Week 5 - 10/10/2021 - Packers at Bengals
7:02: Samaje Perine 4 yard pass from Joe Burrow
7:35: Ja'Marr Chase 70 yard pass from Joe Burrow
8:12: Joe Mixon 8 yard rush
8:36: Tee Higgins pass from Joe Burrow for two-point conversion

Week 6 - 10/17/2021 - Bengals at Lions
8:56: Chris Evans 24 yard pass from Joe Burrow
9:31: Joe Mixon 40 yard pass from Joe Burrow
10:07: C.J. Uzomah 2 yard pass from Joe Burrow
10:38: Auden Tate 7 yard pass from Brandon Allen

Week 7 - 10/24/2021 - Bengals at Ravens
11:09: C.J. Uzomah 55 yard pass from Joe Burrow
11:45: C.J. Uzomah 32 yard pass from Joe Burrow
12:28: Ja'Marr Chase 82 yard pass from Joe Burrow
13:06: Joe Mixon 21 yard rush
13:39: Samaje Perine 46 yard rush

Week 8 - 10/31/2021 - Bengals at Jets
14:08: Joe Mixon 1 yard rush
14:35: Ja'Marr Chase 2 yard pass from Joe Burrow
15:01: Joe Mixon 8 yard pass from Joe Burrow
15:23: Tyler Boyd 10 yard pass from Joe Burrow

Week 9 - 11/7/2021 - Browns at Bengals
15:54: Joe Mixon 11 yard rush
16:25: Joe Mixon 2 yard rush

Week 11 - 11/21/2021 - Bengals at Raiders
16:42: Joe Mixon 11 yard rush
17:08: Ja'Marr Chase 6 yard pass from Joe Burrow
17:29: Joe Mixon 20 yard rush

Week 12 - 11/28/2021 - Steelers at Bengals
17:52: Joe Burrow 8 yard rush
18:21: Tee Higgins 32 yard pass from Joe Burrow
18:49: Joe Mixon 1 yard rush
19:11: Mike Hilton 24 yard interception return
19:50: Joe Mixon 1 yard rush

Week 13 - 12/5/2021 - Chargers at Bengals
20:11: Tee Higgins 29 yard pass from Joe Burrow
20:41: Joe Burrow 6 yard rush
21:04: Joe Mixon 7 yard rush

Week 14 - 12/12/2021 - 49ers at Bengals
21:28: Ja'Marr Chase 17 yard pass from Joe Burrow
22:55: Ja'Marr Chase 32 yard pass from Joe Burrow

Week 15 - 12/19/2021 - Bengals at Broncos
23:36: Tyler Boyd 56 yard pass from Joe Burrow

Week 16 - 12/26/2021 - Ravens at Bengals
24:05: Joe Mixon 1 yard rush
24:35: Tyler Boyd 68 yard pass from Joe Burrow
25:28: Joe Mixon 9 yard pass from Joe Burrow
25:50: Tee Higgins 1 yard pass from Joe Burrow
26:11: Tee Higgins 10 yard pass from Joe Burrow

Week 17 - 1/2/2022 - Chiefs at Bengals
26:30: Ja'Marr Chase 72 yard pass from Joe Burrow
27:28: Ja'Marr Chase 18 yard pass from Joe Burrow
28:16: Ja'Marr Chase 69 yard pass from Joe Burrow
29:07: Tyler Boyd 5 yard pass from Joe Burrow
29:35: Evan McPherson 20 yard field goal

Week 18 - 1/9/2022 - Bengals at Browns
30:25: Trayvon Henderson 29 yard fumble return
30:55: Chris Evans 4 yard pass from Brandon Allen

AFC Wild Card - 1/15/2022 - Raiders at Bengals
31:19: C.J. Uzomah 7 yard pass from Joe Burrow
31:44: Tyler Boyd 10 yard pass from Joe Burrow
32:53: Germaine Pratt interception

AFC Divisional - 1/22/2022 - Bengals at Titans
33:31: Joe Mixon 16 yard rush
33:56: Evan McPherson 52 yard field goal

AFC Championship - 1/30/2022 - Bengals at Chiefs
34:41: Samaje Perine 41 yard pass from Joe Burrow
35:21: Ja'Marr Chase 2 yard pass from Joe Burrow
36:15: Evan McPherson 31 yard field goal

All Comments (21)
  • @mmclaurin8035
    If Burrow can stay healthy, he will end up being one of the greatest to ever play QB. He has all the tools, tangible and intangible.
  • @honestfan420
    Literally the Greatest time of my life during those few months.
  • @TexasDragon
    As a 49ers fan this team was easily the most fun to watch and I really hope to see them in the playoffs again soon
  • @AceSolomon94
    Odell, Justin Jefferson, Jamar Chase. There's something about LSU Wideouts in their rookie NFL seasons. Truly magical times 💯
  • @custommusic7962
    “Chase carried” “defense carried” “McPherson carried”. No one is throwing the ball like burrow. His accuracy is second to none. He leads his team with swagger no matter how bad down. Dudes a walking legend and will eventually be a HOF. Mark my words
  • @fluhartz
    that Chase 82 yarder is maybe my favorite play ever.....
  • @Ilovewbd
    3:30 the goosebumps that went down my spine when Chase got that ball literally in those Steelers fans faces! 🖤🧡
  • @ZeitdiebX
    I could watch this for the rest of my life. 😭
  • What a great season for this 2021 Bengals team! This was an explosive offense this year,but they will be even more explosive next year! The Bengals are back folks!!!
  • @danejurus69
    What a magical season. Just brings so much happiness. I love this team!
  • @LifeUser
    Was so lucky to watch him at LSU with Chase and others. If the Bengals keep him healthy, they will win a ton of games. He is a real special person.
  • Man, everytime I watch emotion after McPherson's kick in the Conference Championship I get a little emotional.
  • @OGclasshole
    What I've gathered from this video is that Higgins is underrated when it comes to contested catches
  • First ever bengals game I was at was at the Raiders playoffs game. By far the most energetic and stomach wrenching environment ever but I love it!
  • To come back that many times against extremely good teams, with the Bengals o-line and the other team knowing we have to throw/ drop back is honestly amazing and That is what makes Joe Burrow SPECIAL no one else could do what he did last year consistently except him.
  • Burrow is so effortless throwing the ball. He’s easily the best QB we’ve ever had with touch passes
  • @jaydizzie
    the joy rewatching this legit gives me tears , this year was special. Could never happen again.
  • @mockemperor953
    Ok This is a hot take Evan McPherson was the best draft pick for the Bengals last season He had so many game winning kicks and he didn't miss a single kick in the playoffs All in his rookie year He's one of the most clutch kickers in the league No hate tho to everyone else in this draft tho jamarr Chase is a huge reason they made it to the Superbowl