The LOST Moses Code Movie

Published 2024-04-18
In 2008 James Twyman directed a movie based on his bestselling book The Moses Code, but the original version was LOST and NEVER SEEN. It seemed it would never be released to the world.

A short while ago copy of the DVD was was found in an old box, and the original movie is finally ready to be revealed to the world. Millions of people have seen the final version of The Moses Code, but this version is COMPLETELY different. Share it everywhere you can.

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  • @judyheikel3598
    Thank you James for bringing us this wonderful reminder of living with grace. You are such a gift to opening to the soul’s joy
  • @63fab
    Thank you James for posting it. Brings so many memories!!! Wonderful to watch it again so many years later! Thanks to you & all who contributed to it!
  • Destiny and Divine Will that the original movie was rediscovered eh James. Beautiful REMINDERS contained within and deep Soul 'thinking' LOVE. Love THIS and yes sharing xo
  • Thank you, thank you, thank you❣️🙏 I’m so grateful for this miracle 🙏🪽 my heart is full with love and melting away 💖 Thank you so very much!
  • Passionate and full Of wonder and Grace🙌🌟🕊️Thank you for posting this and for your LIVING this🙌🙌🙌💛
  • Thank you. I have done as you've asked. I stopped everything to watch and forwarded your email request. You are service! We are so blessed
  • @amypierce7343
    James, Thank You for the work you continue to do!!! This video is so inspiring!!! Love the story about Bo and the work he is doing!!!