How I Made $3,262,221,056 Ruining the Real Estate Market - Estate Agent Simulator

Published 2023-11-18
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How I Made $3,262,221,056 Ruining the Entire Real Estate Market - Estate Agent Simulator - Let's Game It Out


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More about Estate Agent Simulator (from Steam):

Estate Agent Simulator is a property buying, selling and renting game. Buy houses in the city, decorate them and increase their value. Earn income by advertising these houses for rent or for sale. Don't forget to use your bargaining skills!

Construction Vacant land is opportunity! Buy these plots and build your dream house! Construction workers will help you build the house you want.

Customers are coming! Negotiate and try to get the best offer. Try to deal with reputable clients. When the rent day comes, you have to go to the houses and collect the rent money from the tenants, but some customers may not pay the rent. However, if you have a bank account, the rent money will be deposited into your account. Don't forget to check regularly. If you have a problem with a tenant, you can contact a lawyer and sue or try to collect the rent money in other ways. You can even beat them up!

News Centre You need to keep up with what's happening in the city. Neighbourhood factors affect rental prices. If a new school opens in the city, house rents in the neighbourhood may rise. Don't forget to look at newspaper adverts. You can get news about the city by talking to people. Go for a drink. Maybe it will help you to hear what is being said at the next table.

After a tiring day, watch your favorite movie, relax and raise your relationship level with your partner.

Can you drive a van? Go to the dealer in the city, buy the stuff and increase the value of the house you want to rent out. Be careful not to forget to take your lorry with you, the stuff is quite heavy.

Entertainment: You deserve to have some fun too! Try to discover the venues in the city. In some places you will have fun and earn money at the same time.

All Comments (21)
  • @toyoracer33
    I love how their relationship skyrockets to 92% the morning after he brings a horse to bed.
  • I feel like if Josh ever plays a game where the primary way to make money is gambling, he is going to do every job but gambling.
  • @Tgungen
    You know its a good Let's Game it Out video when its halfway through the video and Josh still hasn't touched the core mechanic yet
  • @Kirian_Roig_I
    You know, I don't know if Josh has a wife IRL but I could imagine her knowing he did this video and Josh jockingly going every morning: Hello Honey, do you have some money?
  • @TimeBucks
    Never knew this game was so realistic
  • @Deflower-me-tap
    One thing that I noticed is Josh is posting more videos more often and I really really appreciate that. I know the voice of one subscriber isn’t going to make him post more but they really do make my entire day. It really is comfort content and it takes me away from all the worries in the world and stresses in my life
  • I love how no matter how outlandish Josh’s thumbnails or titles are, they are never clickbait
  • @jujubear9909
    Josh revealing himself bit by bit through his sponsors, eventually we'll get a face reveal. That'll be the day.
  • @ABowlOfRic3
    Honestly “free-range psychopath” is such a fitting title for Josh at this point 😂
  • @kehraus
    I love how the horses become willing agents of Josh's chaos
  • @benschwab8093
    Never thought I would see Josh do a normal thing of wanting to pet the dog. Very wholesome moment.
  • @actually_a_wyrm
    The way I know we aren’t living in a simulation is that Josh hasn’t broken it yet
  • I like that the one NYPD cop came through at the beginning of the game, and they were like, "Is that Josh?! Let's get out of here!".... and then the town hired an entirely new police department and labeled all the cars, "Police" :)
  • @XeonAlpha
    I love the fact that even in his sponsor segment Josh is causing complete chaos. Never stop my dude. Never stop. The world doesn’t deserve you.
  • @IcyLucario
    4:27 I love this accidental period that changes her dialogue to her simply stating she is afraid.
    She knows she's married to a psychopath.
  • @AniGaAG
    When you're a game developer, Josh always makes you laugh.
    ... could be out of amusement, could be out of desperation, but you'll definitely laugh.
  • @ThatLaggyNoob
    Your relationship starts improving when you're out of the house long enough, I never knew this game was so realistic
  • @Froggy_VR
    I've been a fan for years and I love Josh's ability to be incredibly funny without cussing in any circumstance.
    I'm actually going to get the PATHETIC duck displate because of this video.