The BEST Landing Spot in Fortnite! (Chapter 5, Season 1)

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Fortnite BEST LANDING SPOT Chapter 5, Season 1 gameplay with Typical Gamer!

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All Comments (21)
  • @HoshineCh
    Can we agree, when they post it makes our days better!
  • @pareancoy
    also, another really good poi is the little set of buildings next to snoody. If you land on that tower and break the floor, you can get full shield, a weapon, and a slpa barrel in like 20 secs
  • @GH_playz907
    Good tip with the Radio Tower Boss: if you spam click the computer, the boss with start shooting and come straight to you. That way you dont have to run around looking for them
  • @ct_94
    0:11 bros mustache just spawned outta nowhere lol 😂
  • @Snu3fy
    Thank you TG you make the best content for us and now I can finally become good at fortnite❤
  • @jim9677
    Sypher PK, Typical Gamer, x2twins, Nick eh 30, Clix, Fresh, Ninja, Lazarbeam, Lachlan, Ali A, CouRage and more creators/pros need to all do a private solo Battle Royale and see who wins, great content 👌 Everyone wants to see it 👍 Let Chapter 5 be the one where it happens 🤞
  • @Littlelegowoods
    It’s so weird to see TG the vault so slowly and opening every single chest instead of just breaking the thing under it, which gives you more mats and saves you so much time
  • @Sleeplessmonke
    Idk if that's where it was but reckless railways is honestly a really good drop
  • @SuperlexPlays
    You have me inspired to start making vids. Much love and major props to you Tggames
  • @VersatyleGamer
    I also have a suggestion- There is a mini POI to the south of Snooty Steppes that is the same style as Snooty and has a small pool in the middle- This small POI has a slurp truck and 150 heath worth of slurp barrels- so very good for all game modes There is a launchpad to get to Snooty and a ton of materials on the way , also a massive hill in that direction for height as soon as getting into Snooty Great drop spot!
  • @Yesgrass
    Bro went from mustache to fresh cut 😂