Land of Ice and Snow (Full Episode) | Wild Nordic

Published 2021-06-17
As seen by the Viking gods, the fabled wildernesses of Norway, Finland and Sweden are revealed from the skies above.

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Land of Ice and Snow (Full Episode) | Wild Nordic

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All Comments (21)
  • This is a great channel that shows documentaries you can learn more about nature and places you never been before. I love watching it from the beginning to the end.
  • I love being reminded just how amazing and beautiful this planet is, especially in the face of
    how it has been and contnues to be treated by us selfish humans!
  • Faça parceria com a Disney ou qualquer outro, pra poder passar aqui no Brasil novamente o Nat geo wild.
    lamentável perder uma programação dessa era minha preferida.
  • @aves4081
    Love the occasional full episodes!
  • @dappadon3899
    Absolutely breathtaking video also the narration is priceless 💗
  • It's great to have full episode once in awhile. Thanks NG😉👍
  • IT IS so nice to see these documentaries with the voice of these narrators who fall in love, thank you very much. the volume of the background sound is very pleasant, so it is very good because we can appreciate the narrative of the documentary in a formidable way. Thank you. Congratulations to the narrator
  • I really enjoyed watching the whole episodes. I have learnt much from it.
  • Absolutely beautiful footage in this documentary beautiful footage of nature and to think that us as human beings are destroying that day by day by day SMH so tragic
  • @kevinrollins7710
    Beautiful visuals and amazing narration. I was just hoping for it to be more of a wildlife documentary. Less about those gangly bipedal creatures.
  • @stacks6165
    Love watching these animals documentaries
  • @jorand865
    lo puedo ver traducido en algun otro lado? estaran en disney??
  • @skyroof9345
    Awesome Documentary.... The video shooting is super and every second is full of mother Nature.
  • @erika4042
    Scandinavia is stunning Sweden being my fav of the 4 .... Norway Sweden Finland Denmark you can not beat a good documentary interesting and educational