Tattoo Artists React to YouTuber's Tattoos | Tattoo Artists Answer

Published 2019-03-08

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  • Amyy
    Tattoo artists diss Jake Paul and compliment PewDiePie

    [Everyone liked that]
  • La Daemon
    For people wondering what PewDiePie's tattoo is about; it has something to do with a creature in swedish folklore, he explained it a long time ago in one of his videos but I can't recall the details
  • Jo Mabey
    i love that they spent so long talking about Elijah's Phag tattoo that isn't even real it was sharpie and red eyeshadow 😂
  • filip gajic
    Bro imagine getting a tattoo and half way through that dude says hold up i have to put my glasses on.
  • Autumn Jean
    "I want 6 leaves to represent the years I was in jail" I DIED 😂😂😂
  • Arianna
    “I would expect him to get a shit tattoo with his shit personality”

    dEAD 💀💀💀😂
  • sero
    everyone: “wtf is this tattoo”

    ashley: “wtf is a youtuber”
  • the big man
    what i’ve learned: all tattoo artists are nirvana fans
  • David Bell
    Ashley: "wtf is a youtuber"
    Also Ashley: "I love Monami"
  • Just being honest, the girl with a lot of blackout tattoos and the short sleeve hoodie is so adorable.
  • Julia Reut
    Them: it probably has a deep meaning

    Pewds on cold ones: idk I just like the artist
  • geeru turtle
    I love that Michela's gray hoodie worked so well with her blacked out arms, neck and face tattoo. She's so pretty as well. I'm understandably jealous, I cannot be as cool as her 🙃
  • CJ Coons
    "Does that [Phag] mean 'Pretty, hot, and gay?'"

    Deanna Smith, you are a treasure.
  • Maddy
    No one talked about the technicality of Pewd’s tattoo though. The little lines on the roof were really well spaced and the stylized shading was good too
  • Drake Hosking
    14:03 “That ones Penelope Cruz!”... “that ones Audrey Hepburn from Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.. “yeah up to you up to you” had me dying
  • Lolijuku
    I love Big Sleeps explanation on face tats. Nowadays it’s becoming trendy to get it but some ppl don’t even know why it was a thing in the first place. Goes to show how a lot of times, minority cultures, esp, latino and black, are idolized in the mainstream yet would never wanna be in their shoes and face the harsh reality of it.
  • Dovahquinn
    "the other one is, uh, penelope cruz" "thats audrey hepburn" "yeah up to you, up to you"

    i. am. howling.
  • Mark
    the guy with the new zealand accent is like a side character out of flight of the conchords... he's a naturally funny guy, when he paused for a second and said "yeah, up to you" when corrected on who the portrait was, I lost it
  • chloe ree
    Everyone: oh wow a church

    One guy: yep that’s a melting gingerbread house
  • SugarCuts
    “It’s not that bad, I would have thought he would have gotten a bad tattoo for his bad personality” 😱 wow dude, drop the MIKE.