Greatest Fights In The Animal Kingdom Part 2 | BBC Earth

Published 2021-02-23
Watch as Orcas, Crocodiles and Bears all go head-to-head in our greatest animal fights! For family or territory, these determined animals won't go down without a fight.

Check out part 1 here

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All Comments (21)
  • Joseph 123
    I love how the male bear won’t hurt the Female then gets annoyed and just leaves 😂
  • Mark Sun
    I always take these kinds of videos for granted, but never really thought about how hard it must've been to stumble upon and capture the footage. Amazing stuff, my appreciation is through the roof.
  • Jham
    I think the bigger black bear was just being nice to her. He was like, "whatever." He could have destroyed her if he really wanted.
  • Travis Jones
    Homeboy even tried dropping her a free fish and she still made his ass get
  • Ethan Carr
    Goddamn I didn’t know otters were as savage as they are.
  • dennis Dforth
    You've got to admit: The film work of that last fight was impressive.
  • No ONE
    Between the bears, i wouldn't call that e fight. It was just some romantic drama moments and the male showed how much of a gentleman he is.
  • J051E B
    Something makes me think that the big black bear might have been the father to the ghost bears cups. I think they've encountered before in the documentary and he also didn't really attack her or her cups. He most likely would have tried to kill her cups so he could mate with her (as bears and other animals often do), but they're smart enough to know not to kill their own offspring. So that's what I thought when I saw their encounters, but it's just a theory 🤷
  • Lukas Lambraia
    People don’t realize how big and strong Amazon river otters are and given their numbers and the caiman not being that large, yeah the otters (as shown) can win. But still without a big numbers advantage otters have to avoid caimans if they want to survive.
  • Bel229
    Cant help imagining how those fish in the last clip would be absolutely terrifying if they were dolphin/shark size.
  • Casper
    There's something about the sound those otters made that I find very creepy like laughing children that while murdering someone
  • Zachary Stuber
    Greatest fights? I've seen better fights waiting in line at McDonald's.
  • David Clixby
    I wouldn’t say they were great fights but still enjoyable watching.
  • odakker
    the competitiveness of the fringeheads is so high! I never knew that living in the ocean would be so stressful. thanks BBC for the great video!
  • Pepino
    2:50 I think I’d be more scared of a hippo emerging out the water like that than a croc😭
  • Andrew Daniel
    That Cayman Vs giant Otter fight was amazing. Also wondering where the parents were carrying the dead cub bodies to.
  • RamyDhia
    big male bear: "do you really wanna do this over a salmon?"
    bear mom: "I don't know, do you?"
    big male bear: "jeez, relax..."
  • max
    imagine a ton of otters just start coming up to you biting and laughing at you😂
  • Holy Gremlin
    That otter and cayman fight was epic. Bravo to those otters!!!