Published 2012-10-30
Agent 47 versus... a porn shoot. A Hitman flick the way a Hitman flick should be.

Special thanks to IO Interactive and Square Enix for making this video possible!

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Starring Kevin Burke as 47, Joe Fidler as the director, James Mitchel-Clyde as the sound guy, as well as the Action Factory team on stunts.

Christie Stevens as the porn actress, Benjamin Franczuski as the pool boy, and Leilo Ismailava, Aima Miley, and Sidnie Miller as the pool girls.

Sound by Kevin Senzaki, VFX by us and Kevin Comerford

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  • The Emotionless way 47 walked behind his target is absolutely accurate to the games, its almost frightening how well the actor managed to play 47.
  • @redlock1353
    Hitman would work so well as a netflix series. 12 Episodes, each one about a different target, different location. A lot of dead pan humor from 47, a lot of bad-assery, perhaps some downtime scenes with 47 (like him going weapons shopping or something). It just seems like the perfect solution.
  • @traeworley8539
    It’s honestly amazing how every movie studio failed to make a live action Hitman movie, but Rocket Jump can pull it off and make it better in under 5 mins.
  • @BCreep234
    honestly the ending is pretty accurate to a lot of my playthroughs. perfectly executed until i kill the target and everyone sees. Then a large gunfight ensues
  • @dkosenko5657
    He doesn’t care about how the girls look, he’s loyal to his job and is sticking his eyes on his target.
  • @lunarkd.
    its been 10 years and this still goes hard (EDIT) THANK YOU FOR ALL THE LIKES GD
  • If we're going by in-game lore, 47 would never fuck up this bad. He is always persistently flawless.

    That's kind of why it'd be difficult to make a movie about him. He goes through everything without seemingly any challenge.
  • @mortyc137a2
    This was better than both the Hollywood made movies. This is what a Hitman movie should be from start to finish, with a proper backstory. Dude, you made an awesome video, if you can make more, you should legit do it.
  • Non target killed—fresh disguise—Roll Sound achievement unlocked—target eliminated—Piano Man achievement unlocked—fresh disguise—non target killed—Cannonball! achievement unlocked—fresh disguise—non target killed—non target killed—non target killed—non target killed. Final score: ⭐️⭐️
  • @simbot22
    watched this 10 years ago. Rewatched now. It's incredible how amazing a movie could be if they just stay close to the source material. This clip is better than all the hitman movies.
  • @MagnetismR
    To this day, THE best non-video game Hitman content ever. In fact, I'd say it gets the vibe even better than the new games. The John Woo influence is that common thread, and these guys know what makes Hitman work so well.
  • I love how it perfectly portrays when a mission goes wrong and all hell breaks lose and you have to shoot your way out. lmao.
  • Fantastic. It’s very tempting to just do a film about a perfect hitman mission.
    But it’s embracing the game’s weird humor and doing something new with it that makes this video memorable.
  • Score: -15,000
    Target Killed: 5000 points
    Non-target killed 5x: 5 x -4000 points
  • This is really well made. The shootout scene seemed realistic, obviously, I wouldn't know, but I greatly enjoyed this.
  • @xskrish
    probably the best live action Hitman I've ever seen. Amazing actor!!
  • @Cteklite
    He got a bad score for killing too many non-targets.