Royal Blood - Maniac

Published 2021-05-10
A cover of the classic hit “Maniac” by Michael Sembello, performed by Royal Blood on a Sirius XM Broadcast
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  • @jordy2x_
    Before you ask. Yes it’s real. It was part of a Sirius XM Broadcast. Enjoy! UPDATE : BEN TWEETED MY VIDEO LETS GO!
  • @cfcdaviddcfc
    I'd love to hear more classic pop songs being royal blooded
  • @krt_ds
    I can't believe I lived 2 years without knowing this cover, I discovered Royal Blood while playing Need for Speed Payback because they had "Lights Out" featured in the game and it was a certified banger, now I stumbled across this cover through youtube recommendations, huge W
  • @jyc000
    This should be the bonus track of typhoons, or they should release a cover album ;)
  • @mygetawayart
    WOW I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!!! One of my favourite bands meets one my favourite hits from the 80s, this one shoulda made it on Typhoons
  • @XMirrorJoe
    I came thinking this was an unreleased bonus track or something new then I found myself dancing :0 what a surprise
    You are a king or queen for posting this!
  • @faigmoreno
    Only they could get away with leaving the guitar solo out