Chet Baker & Paul Bley - Diane (1985)

Published 2017-01-23

A1 If I Should Lose You 0:00
A2 You Go to My Head 7:16
A3 How Deep Is the Ocean? 14:18
A4 Pent-Up House 19:37
B1 Everytime We Say Goodbye 23:34
B2 Diane 31:29
B3 Skidadidlin' 37:02
B4 Little Girl Blue 41:16

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  • @laslatty1016
    I am 82 years old now...and so far ...after all these years I have not heard anything better than this ( maybe Miles “Love Songs”)...Chet’s playing was so hindsight could‘nt was too good to be true.!!
  • @rodparisst
    Thank you, Chet, for all the beautiful music you gave us when alive, and continue giving it to us thanks to technology. You were, and remain, one of the greatest jazz musicians.
  • @TheRoiderien
    Chet created a unique beauty that the world will never see again. You really have to listen closely to perceive his full genius, and not many people, especially in this age, are likely to do so; there's so much subtlety in his playing. BTW, I think one reason his playing and singing are so good is that that they are essentially the same; he used his instrument the way the best singers use their voice. I think the trumpet became an extension of his body. Not many musicians can reach that level.
  • @TheBillybobbbbb
    I have played trumpet for 60 years, and played and listened to much jazz, including ballads. Nothing beats the duo on "if I should lose..." Just beautiful . ...
  • @finnlarsen1361
    Chet Bakers music goes straight to the heart. The tone of the trumpet and his voice has a very special color and beauty.
  • Up to this day, I have heard much more album stuff by Miles Davis than by Chet Baker. I did not not know much about Chet's recordings. And now I'm really overwhelmed by the beauty of this album! Incredible how well they both, Chet Baker and Paul Bley, play and "blend" together. A treasure... Thanks!
  • @JGlassy
    An absolute master of expression and touch. Each note counts. When I pick up my trumpet, I think of Chet.
  • @fernandeltoto
    Entre os melhores discos já gravados até hoje. Suave, melancólico com Chet Baker magnífico e Paul Blay soberbo. Tudo é econômico, sem excessos e pleno de emoção. Como disse aqui Juan Carlos De Rus num ótimo comentário: a alma agradece.
  • Las interpretaciones que Chet hace de "If I Should Lose You " y "Little Girl Blue" son increíbles; Cosas de otro mundo...
  • @improcat1
    This is just such a beautiful recording. Those who think Chet was all washed up musically in his later years are obviously not really listening. Love his later stuff, even the singing. He was in great form live in Tokyo shortly before he died.
  • Cada ves que escucho a chet me emociona hasta las lágrimas me hace vibrar hasta las raíces. recuerdo a mi padre cuando tocaba su tromoeta. Gracias Chet.
  • @salaryman6095
    Chet plays the loneliness in a way that keeps you from feeling lonely
  • Must've listened to this album on your channel a hundred times. Hundred times melancholic and blissed, cuts to the bone! Gorgeous moment offered! A real gift!
  • @softteu
    Disco lindo da gota, meu preferido dele!
  • So wonderful…..where did all the good things go that inspired so many people to produce such incredible music as this….? Those were the days…..thank you for sharing this great album with all of us.
  • Long before I became a professional singer/ musician, Chet Baker touched my soul in the third person as it were. As a very young schoolboy, I was walking home past a cottage in Margate, Natal South Africa. A trumpeter with of one of the resident bands in town was playing 'My Funny Valentine'. I could`nt help myself, I had to find out where that beautiful song came from. That trumpeter introduced me to Jazz, the trumpet, and Chet Baker. So began a musical journey that has lasted a lifetime. Thank you Chet for all the wonderful music.
  • O irmao é fera .nos deixa muito tranquilo e em paz de espirito.grande chet forever.
  • @kenti2400
    This is such a beautiful album, it's like waking up from a dream and still remembering the lingering memories of the sweet images you just woke up from......
  • @tlm8436
    There is so much beauty in Chet's music. I love the peace it brings to my soul. All tension is released when listening.