How to Get a YouTube Official Artist Channel on DistroKid Tutorial

Published 2021-09-07
How to Get a YouTube Official Artist Channel on DistroKid Tutorial

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All Comments (21)
  • @Myfaultjboy
    Best channel when it comes to getting straight to the topic. All your videos are golden !
  • @lasysound
    Straight to the point, thanks man !
  • @asaphpreach
    Bro.... I literally paid to distrokid to open another account to send my music over to my channel before I found this video.... oh well 🤣🤣🤣 Thank you bro! Now I'm connected 🫡🫡🫡 God bless you bro! 🙌🙏✝️👑✝️🙏🙌
  • @Eldrvak
    Hey brother, thanks for the tips! I did my music through tunecore(yeah it made the silly singles videos for my channel as well as a topic channel) Not a huge deal, but do you know how long it takes for them to merge the 2 pages? Thanks!! I have the cool kid symbol
    AWWw man Distrokid saying this feature is temporarily disabled!!! Can't even find a way to contact support about this.
  • So once you have absorbed the Topic Channel auto-generated videos into your own now-upgraded Official Artist Channel, can you finally edit the videos that come from the Topic Channel? Can you control if they run ads and who collects revenue?
  • @davidgagliardo8
    Hi, so for some reason Distrokid doesn't have my band in the select option other than myself, even though my band already has a single out, so I can't register my band as an artist channel. Any way to fix that?
  • @vetoneal6171
    Hey bro, If I already have a topic channel and make money off of that instead of my regular youtube channel (because my region doesn't have youtube red/premium) and after the topic channel merges with my youtube channel, will I still be making money and getting payouts via distrokid or will the videos become unmonetizable?
  • @248.Te3JaY
    It says that I have to upload music first but I already have videos on my personal YouTube channel… is it because I have yet to upload music through distrokid or ?
  • @K.Psomiadis
    What is if the coocking channel you have for example get for any reason 3 copy rigth strikes and get closed ?? get to closed the artist channel too because its linked on my google acount ??
  • @Fyriox
    Is it possible to change the youtube artist channel, i mean, to connect distrokid to an another youtube channel that is made just for music, and not to our old one if we want to change and use a different channel with a different mail created specifically for music ?
  • @asbjoernjuel
    Will this remove the songs Distrokidd has already uploaded on the Topic channel? Or will they convert onto the new channel? Thanks for the tutorial btw <3