Facts: The Parrotfish

Published 2021-03-26
Quick facts about this colorful coral reef bioeroder that produces sand! The parrotfish (Scaridae, Labridae, Scarinae). Parrotfish facts! Many are also hermaphrodites!

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All Comments (21)
  • @turtleboy991
    I never knew the Parrotfish had the ability to change from female to male!! It's just like Jurassic Park! Life really DOES find a way!!! :D
  • @theotheseaeagle
    Was lucky enough to see these awesome little fish (or big fish should I say) whilst I was snorkelling in the Caribbean. More specifically I saw spotlight parrotfish and queen parrotfish
  • I love snorkelling and seeing them do their thing. I just saw several here near Santa Catalina, Panama.
  • @nzviking4343
    This channel makes me want to sit underneath the ocean and watch all the fishes swimming around🏝️
  • @gang6009
    Theyre very social i went snorkeling at this beach in bermuda and this parrot fish swam with me all day.
  • @joellim7010
    Thanks! I learned more about the fish that I am going to eat
  • @petesimecki3693
    That's so crazy I didn't know they can turn into female to male that's just so crazy other fish or humans can't do that
  • @petesimecki3693
    Learning about this for my science class and for researching for my GT class
  • @petesimecki3693
    For my science class and GT class I'm studying on parrot fish parrot fish are my favorite kinds of fish they're so colorful and they're so beautiful I'm watching this cuz my science class and GT class I'm so excited for GT class and science class cuz I already researched all of this stuff I need a research all this stuff anyways sorry this is a long comment to read but I need to say all of this stuff
  • That parrotfish is so beautiful but in the philippines they are food I like your videos is so awesome😎
  • @tinytim2263
    Clownfish start off as males and parrot start as females. They both change into to opposite sex when necessary.
  • @shortaybrown
    People eat parrot fishes? Wow
    Nice pictures. Great vid!