I bought the SMALLEST Tech in the world.

Published 2021-06-03
Buying the smallest smartphones, gadgets, iPhones, and tech in 2021 from Wish / eBay / Aliexpress!
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All Comments (21)
  • @GeekStreet
    You've made alot of short people very happy 🤣😂
  • @Rigel_Chiokis
    A drone that size is so light, it's unlikely to take damage from falling. Anytime you think it's in trouble or you're losing control, cut the throttle and let it drop! Better than scratching the screen of an expensive monitor.
  • @AnotherCoyote
    you should have listed all the items or the fun ones in your description. That tiny TV looks fun.
  • @OneTwoFive0
    Teacher: “stop playing on your phone” Kid: pulls up tiny phone from under desk
  • @AmandaDavis6130
    crawling around on the floor “did you lose a contact lens?” “Nope, lost my phone.”
  • “I think my calculator has prettier buttons” Tech roast of the century
  • @DistortionUltra
    The 1$ iPhone is straight up a sales pitch. They troll for email's, or shipping address of famous reviewers by sending you other stuff, and then one they can recognize a destination as a big reviewer, they send you the working stuff. This makes you think that anyone who orders it gets a working one, and drives sales of the plastic ones. Also, I'm sure a good chunk of the stuff on wish is "siezed" or stolen goods.
  • I started watching in curiosity as I am trying to deal with a tiny phone, and I expected nothing but then... your fun, your personality, and being honest about pdoduct demos.. I am hooked. Thank you. May blessings always shower upon you both in minature & plus sizes. ✌🏼🙏🖖🏼💕😂
  • Fun fact: there is a sky viper drone that is the size of the drone you bought but it is easy to control
  • @smarf93
    ’Bladeless neck cooler’. He should try out the one with blades….
  • @Roninkinx
    Perhaps this should be called “I wasted 5 thousand dollars on tiny tech so you didn’t have to.”
  • @Alexksandrr
    When he said "flashlight that has the power of the sun" i got curious and googled aprox how many lumens the sun actually produces and apparently it's around 127000. So that flashlight is stronger than the sun itself. The actual strongest flashlight (outside of Wish logic) produces 120000.
  • @21398Jack
    "That's tiny" "For the size it's not bad" That's what she said
  • @user-cu7re4lb7p
    It’s just gonna be a toy car… THAT MADE ME SPIT OUT MY DRINK😂😂😂