Lec 2 | MIT 9.00SC Introduction to Psychology, Spring 2011

Published 2012-05-01

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  • @ihappy7777
    I am sitting under a tree in a village in India and studding psychology, taught by a professor teaching in MIT. Thank you internet.
  • @VOIPWoot
    maybe its me but he comes off as really love Psychology. Best kind of people to learn from.
  • @Sneeches0
    this is an amazing time we live in. Knowledge is free and available for the taking. all we have to do is stop and pick it up.
  • @morgan2960
    These lectures have been so helpful to me as a teenager hoping to become a psychologist like my parents one day! Thank you Professor Gabrieli!
  • im so entranced by his lectures — they’re so thought-inducing, u can rlly tell that he does what he does because he loves it. so glad to have this series act as an eye-opener to the basics of psychology as an aspiring psychologist!
  • I am studying Phycology from Kenya and I think this professor is awesome! He makes it so understable. Thanks MIT.
  • @roostersmith1385
    I love this class. God bless the internet and MIT. Beautiful, thnks professor G!
  • @apfelj5316
    I can listen to him telling all kinds of psychology stories forever, so contagiously happy and passionate! Thanks MIT! Thanks Professor John Gabrieli!
  • @Melting-bones
    I’m 13, and listening to this professor made me want to study psychology when I’m older.
  • this is the most interesting psychology lecture ive ever listened to. so good.
  • 52:55 you can tell by his laugh that he genuinely enjoys talking about what he teaches. Being confident in what you teach, and engaging enough to elicit a laugh from your students when you slip a joke in shows a lot about how good of a professor he is!
  • @karensilver8853
    This is a prerequisite to understanding the human brain course taught by Nancy Kanwisher and I'm enjoying him enormously. He's a terrific teacher. I worked in Neuroscience research for almost 20 years and the stuff we knew then is so primitive now.
  • @namasteanil
    love MIT and sometimes I wonder ..what. wonderful thing internet is ....blessed !!
  • @Whoiskelsey
    I’m literally 13 and in love with these lectures this man is so amazing at his job and you can tell he wants to be there teaching 🐸
  • Terimakasih banyak. Saya di Klirong, Kebumen, Indonesia bisa menonton dan belajar banyak sekali dari seorang MIT professor
  • @lee_uwu7320
    He is honestly the most likeable teacher i have ever seen
  • I love how relaxed Gabrieli is, and seems like a friendly guy. Paul Bloom knows his shit and has a few funny moments, but he doesn’t seem as approachable as Gabrieli.