$1 vs $10,000 Football Seats!

Published 2023-03-17

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  • TimeBucks
    Keep it up you are very underrated
  • r3spond
    The fact that the world cup ended last year december just shows how much time and effort crunch puts in every single video of his. I never get tired of watching these videos. absolute class.
  • 25:23amazing


    Хопи: «Слаще» 11:12

    Вс: "Гудок"00:19

    Джуни: "Кулер"08:00

    Юнги: «Масло» 23:26

    сын унос

    Делос Мейорес Консьертос

    Я обожаю этот ремейк. Такой красивый клип,танец,аутфиты и мои любимые девочки
  • OussiFooty
    Bro has an unlimited money glitch 😭, CLASS VIDEO HABIBI❤️🙌🏼
  • SharkPlayz
    This guy spent over 15k to make us smile What a legend
  • Tracy Terangi
    Love the hard work and dedication to the videos never miss a vid thanks for the entertainment crunch
  • futcrunch the absolute goat never disappointments, whenever im going thru hardships or whatever, this man is here to please my bad day
  • mark.
    The fact that this took so long to release proves how good and well edited this is keep up the good work
  • Rehan Khan
    Hey Futcrunch, You are extremely underrated, You deserve a lot more.
  • Picantegoose
    I’ve been watching this guy for 2 years. Never change crunch !!
  • bro mad respect that he has only half of his kidneys left......
  • Avery Lange
    He just spends the money just for us what a legend
  • mad576
    I hope crunch can get his kidney back someday
    crunch has to be the most underrated youtuber. Congrats on 1 mill btw
  • Xiwix
    You should stream a match live on Youtube!
  • FE_DumpXprod
    Nice video crucnch! Keep growing, love from U.S
  • Saifanur R.
    i think ive watched EVERY futcrunch vid! his videos are just so entertaining